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Naughty Before Bedtime

Posted Wednesday, December 1st, 2010
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Naughty Before Bedtime

Naughty before bedtime is exactly what happened after this photo set was taken. You see, I may look a bit tired in these photos, and in fact I was very tired, just look at my eyes, but I never would think of heading to bed without first satisfying my sexual desire. The first thing I should mention is that I wore this mini skirt and tight top out to an adventure park for most of the day. Another thing I should mention is that I hadn’t realized how sheer the mini skirt was (if you think the mini skirt is sheer in these photos, you should have seen it with the sun shining through it). Anyway, my dear husband hadn’t mentioned anything about it all day, so you know a lot of men got some naughty views of my body without even my acknowledgement (I would have enjoyed that to some degree, although I probably wouldn’t have worn the skirt knowing how sheer it really was). After Jimmy explained to me why he had the biggest Cheshire cat grin, I told him I was mad at him for waiting so long to tell me, and that he could expect to go to bed without getting any (of course I was only kidding, as I know it makes him very horny knowing I may have flashed a bunch of men my bare bottom, which leads me to acknowledge the fact I had neglected to wear any panties). In fact, Jimmy did get lucky that night, as I too was very horny knowing I had been so naughty all day…Continue Here.

Slut Wife Gets Creampied By BBC & Then Cuckold Hubby!

Posted Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

As I believe you guys enjoy videos more than photos, I wanted to post something that I believe you all will enjoy. As my site name indicates, this video features my very sexy self enjoying yet another BBC! Click on the image below to watch me get creampied By BBC & then cuckold hubby!

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Creampied Wife Gets BBC & Cuckold Cum!

I know you are all enjoying the bareback scenes that I have been doing lately… right? I also know that you are all enjoying my pussy getting very wet from all the creampies it has been getting lately… right? Well if you answered yes to either one of these questions, I know you will truly enjoy this week’s video… as it has both! Now to explain the set up for the video, I should start off by saying: I love Vegas! The hotels and nightlife this city has to offer can not be matched anywhere else in the US! Now because of that, it seems that most people in Vegas are there for one reason and one reason only… Naughty Fun! It also explains why a lot of adult performers come to Vegas as well. That is where this Video starts off. I got a call from one of the hottest black pornstars named Danny Blaq, when he found out I was in Vegas! I talked with him on the phone for a while before we made the plans to meet up for some naughty fun of our own. When I say of our own, I mean exactly that… alone, and without any presence of my Cuckold Husband Jimmy. When the time came for Danny to arrive at my room…Continue Here.

Just In Time Creampie!

Posted Friday, February 19th, 2010
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Just In Time Creampie!

As many of you know, Jimmy and I took a family vacation recently in Florida. I for one was really looking forward to the warmer weather, and the chance to hit the beach to start my summer tan. When we arrived in Florida we were hit with the reality that the temperatures were not going to be as warm as expected this time of the year, in fact they were the coldest on record (it even snowed in some parts of Florida that had never before seen snow). Needless to say, I wasn’t hitting any beaches, and a tan would definitely be out of the question, unless it involved a tanning bed inside a warm establishment. We made the best of our vacation, but when it came to sex, I wasn’t getting as much as I liked. I had no boy-toy on hand for a sexual escapade, I had no chance to pick up some hot sexy guy at the mall or gym, and even though I enjoy sex with my husband, even that seemed to be nonexistent due to family being around us at all times. When Jimmy and I actually had the chance to be naughty, which you will see in this video, it was a timed event, due to family knocking at our door to see if we were ready to head out to dinner. I won’t go into much detail about the video itself, because it was just a sexual adventure between my husband and I, but I will say for those of you that like creampies, you will love the fact that I get creampied by my husband even with the family knocking at the door…. Continue Here.

“Waiter’s Oral Delights”

Posted Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Waiter's Oral Delights Waiter's Oral Delights Waiter's Oral Delights

Well as many of you regulars already know, Jordan (the lucky guy in the photos), has been using my pussy daily due to an earlier deal he and I agreed upon for allowing my husband to tape one of our erotic adventures. You see, Jordan is not one for posting erotic photos and videos of himself all over the internet for others to view, and unlike myself, who likes to have others view my naughty adventures, Jordan is one that believes erotic enjoyment is best enjoyed only between the parties partaking in the sexual adventure. Which means, that in order for me to get Jordan to allow the filming of any erotic act, I have to make deals with him. These deals are always sexual and…Continue Here.

Enjoying Some Polska Kielbasa

Posted Friday, September 25th, 2009
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Enjoying Some Polska Kielbasa

When I heard from my Polish friend at the gym that he had a cock ring, it was hard for me to believe. It was one of those things that I would never believe until I’d seen it for myself. Well, one day, Tomek decided to stop by my house to see what I was up to. I always have time for friends, so I invited him in. Tomek doesn’t speak much English, so luckily my fluency in Polish made it easy for him to converse in his native tongue, but unfortunately for many of you it poses a challenge to grasp what the hell we were talking about in the video. Luckily Jimmy was around at home too, so he felt the same way until I translated some things for him. So anyway, Tomek’s cock ring was always in the back of my mind until it was finally brought up again in our conversation. This time I had to see it for myself, and Tomek was certainly not shy to show it to me. He whipped out his already hard cock and…Continue Here.

Whore’s Night Out Starts At Home!

Posted Friday, March 20th, 2009
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This video was Jimmy’s idea. I was not even in the mood to do this video, as I had other plans of going out with my best friend Karen. I thought that when Jimmy started to video tape me in my pink dress it was only going to be a teaser type of video for his own enjoyment while Karen and I had fun out at the dance club. I guess I was wrong about that! When Jimmy asked me to model my dress he told me that he only wanted to take a little video of me in it as members of the site had asked us to post such a type of video (one that shows me in various clubbing outfits, you know the type that ride up on my ass or ones that are easy to flash in). This dress is a little long, but it does have a flimsiness to it that often lets it ride up as I sit. This dress also shows off plenty of cleavage and is even a little hard at times to stay in, if you know what I mean. This is one of my best dresses for one night stands as it is very easy to get off and then back on after the fun. Anyway getting back to this video, I had already done my makeup and was actually on my way out the door when Jimmy told me to model real quick. I though to myself, why not, the last time I went out with Karen I didn’t come home until the next day. Talk about a fun time, and yes, I was very much hoping that would happen again this time (but don’t tell Jimmy, as I know he didn’t want me to stay out that long ever again. You know he likes his sloppy seconds, and it kills him sexually, in a good way that is, with the images of his slut wife being naughty for that length of time). So with me teasing the camera, or should I say teasing him, Jimmy had an idea of fucking me with the camera rolling… Continue Here.

Hooter’s Girl Barbi Services Jay

Posted Friday, January 23rd, 2009
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I met Jay at a Hooters Restaurant last week (see last week’s video entitled: “Flashing At Lunch Leads To Dessert”) and had some naughty oral fun in the truck. That spontaneous adventure left Jay satisfied for the day (I was satisfied too, but only after Jimmy and I returned home and had our own fun as we talked about how naughty I was at Hooters), but like myself, Jay wanted to continue our adventure in a more comfortable less distractions setting. I talked to Jay almost every night as we tried to arrange our schedules to allow for another sexual get together… Continue Here.

Creampie In the Great Outdoors

Posted Sunday, October 19th, 2008
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As many of you know, from being members of this site for any length of time, I love being very naughty while taking a chance on men catching me in compromising positions. This video shows just that and let me tell you, there is nothing that turns me on more than knowing that some stranger just viewed my naked body (I guess that’s why I have a website in the first place… right?). Now let me explain how all of this came about: Earlier in the day, Jimmy had asked me if I wanted to go to one of the state parks to walk around and check out the fall foliage. I thought it was a nice idea, so after Jimmy packed up his cameras (which I thought he was only bringing to get pictures of the colorful fall foliage for his photography portfolio) we headed to the park, which also has a river running through it. When we arrived at the park we noticed that there were more cars than normal. It turned out that the fishing season for some kind of fish had just opened (I am not a fisherman, so I have no idea how many seasons they have or why they even have to have seasons for that matter, the way I see it, if fish bites the hook, it is open season… right?) Anyway, getting back to my adventure, Jimmy and I walked a while around the park as he took pictures of natures majestic views. I decided to start with some flirting to get him to focus back to me, not that I was jealous of nature, but that being out in nature brings out this horniness in me that needed to be unleashed. I started by undressing down to just a sweater I had brought with me (check out the photos posted this week and you can see exactly how this sweater leaves nothing to the imagination). Then as Jimmy took the pictures I decided to be even braver and …Continue Here.

Friend Helps With Home Project

Posted Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Home projects are so much fun!!

This week’s video update is a little different in the fact I posted it in two parts: The first part is of Jimmy and I, and the second part is of Romeo and I, needless to say, I was in total ecstasy. It started something like this: Jimmy needed help with moving some of the heavy furniture to paint the bedroom, so he called Lex, one of our new friends (You might remember him from some of my videos). Lex had planned on coming over to help, but at the last minute had to call and cancel due to family issues. So with no body else there to help, Jimmy had me help with moving some of the furniture (boy was it heavy). When we finally got all the furniture moved, I stepped out of the room and ended up trying to call someone else to help him after. The only one I could get in touch with was my personal trainer Romeo, with whom I talked very erotic with just to get him to come over to help Jimmy. Needless to say, I also offered up my body, which I was so happy and willing to do, so that Romeo would help Jimmy move the furniture back and I wouldn’t have to. I also had alternative plans of having his hard cock satisfy some sexual urges I acquired while at the home improvement store with Jimmy… Continued Here.