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Blowjobs Between Baseball Games!

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. First of all, baseball isn’t a sport that keeps my interest at peak. Furthermore, my own husband just so happened to be involved in a baseball game that made my mind take interest in other things: to have my own naughty fun. You see, after a long game I decided to go back to our vehicle, which was parked way out in the parking lot, and create my own fun before Jimmy found me in our SUV. I saw a group of guys who were supposedly busy with their own thing, but I knew they were trying to catch glimpses of me. When I pulled my top aside and flashed them my tits, that got their… Continue Here.

Good To The Last Drop!

Posted Friday, May 28th, 2010
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Good To The Last Drop!

I decided to relieve myself of my sexual tension before going out with Karen by using my Hitachi Wand. Jimmy was still at work, so I thought I’d leave him a nice video of myself getting off, which he could view when he got home from work, as I would already be gone by then. I was proud of myself for setting up the camera on the tripod and having the remote handy to give some close-ups of my pussy as I played with myself. I had the window opened by my chair I sat in, so I really hadn’t realized that everything was audible for my neighbors to hear, including my moans and the motor of my favorite portable vibrating toy. After I reached an incredible self-satisfying orgasm, Jimmy surprised me when he entered our bedroom and caught me getting myself off. Apparently he had come home to…Continue Here.

POV Barbi Style!

Posted Friday, April 9th, 2010
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POV Barbi Style!

I get so turned on teasing you that I decided to do a video that involved just that, POV style. You see, normally I’ll wear a hot outfit or lingerie, but this time wearing a plushy pink robe with nothing underneath seemed sexy as it so easily comes right off. Slowly stripping out of my robe, seductively showing off my body, and getting into naughty positions and playing with myself turns me on, especially when you are watching me. I love seeing that cock stay so hard for me that all I want to do is lick it, taste it, suck it, and put it in my pussy and fuck it while my pussy fills up with my juices. The only problem is, I can’t hold out, so I play and make myself cum. I know just how you feel with the sexual frustration having built up inside you, so I relieve your…Continue Here.

Hubby Reaches Goal Before Company Meeting!

Posted Friday, January 8th, 2010
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Hubby Reaches Goal Before Company Meeting!

As many of you know by now, I am not your average housewife, nor do I have the average sex drive of an average woman. To say I have double the sex drive of any average woman out there would probably be an understatement too. You see, my day will usually consist of me playing with myself to orgasm state at least two to three times before my husband even gets home from work. When Jimmy does arrive home, I will usually either seduce him by wearing some sexy outfit/lingerie, or start to tell him about some naughty daytime adventure I had before he arrived, which always gets him to pounce on me. Yes, to say I am very sexual is definitely an understatement. Anyway, why do I tell you all this as to the setup of another sexual escapade with my hubby, because I thought at the beginning of this video, it wouldn’t turn out like it did, and I would be having Jimmy (my Hubby) sexually satisfying me with his cock, which I so much needed (a woman can only play with toys for so many orgasms before needing the real thing). As it turned out, Jimmy was in a rush to get to his company’s monthly dinner meeting, and he only had time for a quick…Continue Here.

Sit Down and Let Me Take Care Of You!

Posted Friday, May 22nd, 2009
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Sit Down and Let Me Take Care Of You

I know you had a long hard day at work, so please let me relax you. I’m well aware of how difficult it would be to leave you sexually frustrated as I head out on one of my dates. Therefore, why won’t you sit back comfortably in the chair and let me do the work to leave you exceptionally satisfied. First my warm wet tongue caresses your hard cock followed by my luscious lips wrapping around every inch of your cock…Continue Here.