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Slut Wife Barbi Sinclair Learns To Squirt

Posted Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
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Naughty slut wife, MILF, and amateur pornstar Barbi Sinclair learns to squirt from an instructor who makes a house call. Check this video out, and if you want to see the entire hardcore squirting video uncut, go to

Squirt Instructor Makes House Call!

Posted Monday, July 19th, 2010
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Squirt Instructor Makes House Call!

Who could resist a stud like Marcus London when it comes to making women squirt? I met Marcus at one of the adult conventions and between our hectic schedules, I didn’t have a chance to get more intimate with him like I wanted to. However, Jimmy surprised me with having him come over and demonstrate his oral, penile, and finger-like skills on me, all of which got me wet in more ways than one. You see, I was fortunate to have a stud back in January make me squirt for the first time, and thinking I could do it myself after that point, I was unable to. So, seeing how Marcus was a pro at this, not only was he able to make me squirt once, but twice, and…Continue Here.

Hotel Pick-Up Leads To Squirting Fun!

Posted Friday, February 12th, 2010
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Hotel Pick-Up Leads To Squirting Fun!

I did it… I finally learned how to squirt, although my friend Karen is a much better squirter! I know that some of you will not like the fact that I can now, once and for all, squirt, but I must say that with the intensity it adds to an orgasm, I may be making a bed wet every once in awhile. The downside to squirting is obvious, in the fact that it makes the bed wet, giving a whole new meaning to the saying: “Who’s sleeping in the wet spot tonight?” I guess I should also tell you about the video, as that is what this intro is about… right? Anyway, I met this guy at the hotel where one of the AEE/AVN parties took place. I went to the party with my best friend Karen, as my husband Jimmy had to work. Before leaving to the party, Jimmy told me I should just stay at the hotel for the night, as he knew I would be drinking, as well as Karen, and he wouldn’t be able to come pick us up after (not that Karen and I couldn’t get a ride home from some hot guy… wink-wink!). Karen was funny when she laughed and asked my husband, “Only if you’re paying!” My husband looked over at us and smiled as he replied, “Only if you two sluts promise to be sluts and pick up some hot guys to fuck! And only if you bring along the video camera and capture it on tape for me to watch later!” Karen quickly replied and again with a laugh said, “Hell yeah, that is what we had planned already, but now it makes it better cause you’re paying for the room!” …Continue Here.