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Public Do-It-Yourself Project

Posted Friday, January 30th, 2009
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Who says you need to hire a contractor to get the job done right? In this day and age there are plenty of Do-It-Yourself projects out there that any amateur can handle. Take my latest project for example: A self satisfying orgasm. You see the first thing any amateur needs is the right tools for the job. For my project that included a public venue, a glass dildo, and some old fashion hands on approach. Watch as Jimmy and I first set out to find the perfect public location: a home improvement store parking lot with lots of traffic to satisfy the exhibitionist in me. Second, I needed to prepare the area I was about to work with: this meant stripping my clothes off and getting the tools ready to use. Third, I had to get into the right position to allow access and comfort while working. Fourth, I had to act fast, as I was really getting the work area extremely wet, which made the job progress more rapidly than expected, leading to an unbelievable orgasmic finish…Continue Here.

Hooter’s Girl Barbi Services Jay

Posted Friday, January 23rd, 2009
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I met Jay at a Hooters Restaurant last week (see last week’s video entitled: “Flashing At Lunch Leads To Dessert”) and had some naughty oral fun in the truck. That spontaneous adventure left Jay satisfied for the day (I was satisfied too, but only after Jimmy and I returned home and had our own fun as we talked about how naughty I was at Hooters), but like myself, Jay wanted to continue our adventure in a more comfortable less distractions setting. I talked to Jay almost every night as we tried to arrange our schedules to allow for another sexual get together… Continue Here.

Flashing At Lunch Leads To Dessert

Posted Friday, January 16th, 2009
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To start, let me just say that it has been extremely cold here on the East Coast, so this little spontaneous adventure sure added some much needed warmth. You see, Jimmy and I were out doing errands, when Jimmy asked me if I wanted to grab some lunch. Being hungry I said yes and then asked him if he had a place in mind. When he ever said “Hooters” (which has the greatest hot wings), I never thought it would lead to having some dessert in the back of our truck. Once inside the restaurant, I have to tell you that I was a bit jealous with all the waitresses running around in their skimpy little shorts and tops, as I was all bundled up due to the temps being in the single digits outside. When I noticed that a couple of guys actually were checking me out, I only wished I too had skimpy clothes on. I had a small top on under my jackets (yes, plural), so I took the jackets off and that was when it really got exciting… or should I say hot ;) One of the cute guys kept looking at me, so I moved my top to the side so that he could clearly see my nipples. In return, he gave me a smile that could clearly be taken as a proposition of something sexual. That was when I asked Jimmy if he wanted to have some fun or if he was just up to having lunch and getting back to our errands. Which do you think he said???? Of Course, Jimmy wanted me to be the naughty slut wife ;) So when the waitress came back I asked her to give the cute guy (Jay) another beer on us…Continue Here.

Getting a Facial In Bathtub

Posted Friday, January 9th, 2009
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Well as many of you already know, Jimmy is never without his camera nearby. But before I get into telling you about this video, let me just say: Jimmy used a fisheye-lens that made my ass and legs look four times the size they really are! You see, Jimmy decided to use his fisheye lens to try and capture more of the scene in the small bathroom, which gives the illusion that my ass is greater in size than it already is. I hope you all enjoy watching as Jimmy video tapes me taking a bubble bath while I get ready for a Very Naughty Slutwife Date. I start by shaving my legs, then after some teasing, I get myself off with some help from Jimmy (talk about some good multi-tasking, he never even puts the camera down as he helps by lending me a hand… or should I have said a finger… hehe). Anyway, seeing how much I teased Jimmy, I needed to release the sexual tension… Continue Here.

Happy New Year!

Posted Thursday, January 1st, 2009
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I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2009! Stay healthy with lots of sex to keep you young. I’ll continue being the naughty slut I am and I look forward to having a year with lots of new adventures!

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