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Another Anal Night

Posted Friday, February 27th, 2009
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The video title says it all but I will add to the how, what and when this all happened. This week has been one full of anal sex, from Monday night’s Cam Show to this video, I have enjoyed the intense feeling of heightened orgasms that only anal sex can achieve. You see, very few women ever get past the naughty idea of actually getting fucked in the ass, whether it be from the idea of being in pain (which does occur in the first few sessions of anal sex) or just the lack of experimentation in the bedroom, but with experience comes the reward of orgasms not reached any other way. I will say that a woman has to be in the mood for anal sex, or it just doesn’t do the same thing to her orgasms, but instead makes it a painful ordeal, been there done that! I for one am glad I gave anal sex a try so long ago, and with my husband, I get to experience anal sex often. This anal adventure you are about to watch, if you haven’t already, took place after a long hard day at work for both Jimmy and I. It all started at lunch time when I called Jimmy to tell him how wonderful the night before last had been as he gave me one hell of an “analgasm” (my new word for achieving an orgasm through anal sex). I had explained to him while on the phone that as soon as both of us were home, I would want to jump in the sack and have his hard cock give me another “analgasm!”. Once home, I didn’t even change out of work clothes before jumping on my husband and… Continue Here.

Cameraman Turns 3Some Into 4Some!

Posted Friday, February 20th, 2009
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You will love viewing this exciting foursome adventure I recently had. You’ve never seen me pleasuring Jimmy and Shawnny simultaneously because Jimmy is always the one filming me, and it has always been my fantasy to have both of them do me while videotaping it so I could watch the tape whenever I get horny. When Shawnny brought his friend Rich over, I couldn’t help but share my fantasy with them all, hence turning my fantasy into reality with Rich filming my adventure (Rich didn’t want to be on camera or he probably would have turned down the request of being the cameraman). After much sucking on Jimmy and Shawnny’s cock while alternately getting fucked by the two of them, I began to stroke Rich’s hard cock underneath his pants as he filmed. I pulled out his cock and before he realized what I was doing to him… Continue Here.

Jimmy, You Need To Wait Outside!

Posted Friday, February 13th, 2009
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This video caters to the cuckold fetish. Watch as Jimmy is made to leave the bedroom so that my boy-toy Shawnny and I could enjoy a quickie alone together. You see, my husband Jimmy, my boy-toy Shawnny and I were heading out to a concert, but before we left, I wanted to enjoy a quick orgasm (something about rock concerts bring out the sexual side in me). I waited until Shawnny arrived to ask him to fuck me, which is something I had already told my husband I wanted to do before leaving for the concert. Shawnny was in a funny mood, and told me he was going to make me beg for it, which is exactly what I did, he even made Jimmy say, “Yes, I want you to fuck my wife!” several times, which I found very erotic as I heard my husband telling another man, almost to the point of begging, that he indeed wanted him to fuck me… Continue Here.

2 Black Cocks While Husband Is Away!

Posted Friday, February 6th, 2009

Jimmy decided to go out with the guys, and I was a bit jealous, as I didn’t want to stay home and be bored while he was having his fun. After all, I deserve to have some fun too. Therefore, I called up my boy toy Shawnny, but he didn’t pick up, so I left a message. My next boy toy that came to mind was Jay, so I gave him a call as well, but he didn’t pick up either. I thought, gee, I was going to be SOL! Oh well, after not hearing back from either of them for about an hour, I called up my girlfriend Karen to see if she wanted to go shopping with me at the mall. Luckily, she was free and we met up at the mall. After a couple hours of walking around and shopping, she asked me to come over her place to hang out. Once there, I couldn’t believe that Shawnny and Jay both called and Karen was the one who insisted that they both come over. I was ecstatic! Within a half hour, both of them arrived and… Continue Here.