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Shawnny & I Have Quickie Outdoors

Posted Sunday, November 30th, 2008

We were coming back from a picnic when Jimmy decided to show Shawnny a great spot for outdoor camping. Shawnny had talked about going camping in the great outdoors, but hadn’t done it just yet, especially not knowing which location would be best suited to have fun without bumping into too many people. He knew Jimmy would know of the perfect spot for him to take his ladies for a night of outdoor romping. Jimmy had just the perfect spot to show Shawnny, so we veered off on an excursion as we made our way home from the afternoon picnic. When we arrived at the camping spot…Continue Here.

Live Sex For Playboy Crew!

Posted Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
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This adventure is another one of the many videos we did while Playboy was filming us. Check out how much fun Jimmy and I had while having sex as the entire Playboy Crew watched us. You know I am a total exhibitionist, so when they asked me if they could film me in action, I didn’t have to be asked twice… hehe! Poor Jimmy though was worried about not being able to perform in front of so many individuals (he really wanted to watch me seduce one of the many college guys Playboy had on hand as part of their setup crew), but in the end, he too had no problem having an orgasm as all the guys cheered us on! In the video you will see two of the young hosts of the new reality TV show E’rotic which is Playboy TV’s Newest show that will air in early 2009. These young college guys were so much fun, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I got to tease them… Continue Here.

Jimmy Finds Me At Shaun’s Place

Posted Sunday, November 16th, 2008
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It all started when I went out clubbing with Sara, one of my good friends, to celebrate her new job. Sara is not one of my more wild friends, so when she started drinking one martini after another, I knew I was going to have to find another ride home. Sara lives in walking distance from the dance club, so I knew in a worst case scenario, I could just crash at her place until Jimmy could pick me up (he was out with the guys, so I would have to wait till he too got home to get our vehicle). About an hour before closing time, I had someone’s hand reach under my little dress and feel my bare pussy (you know me… no panties). When I turned to see who it was, I smiled when I found out it was Shaun. After dancing to a few songs, I asked Shaun if I could get a ride home from him. He replied with a smile and a little smirk, then asked me if I wanted to go to his place first. You see, Shaun knows all too well about Jimmy and I and our naughty lifestyle. I of course accepted and then called Jimmy to let him know where I would be. Jimmy asked if he could come over to catch it all on video, so after asking Shaun if he minded…Continue Here.

Can I Tease You?

Posted Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
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Can I tease you? This video shows the sexy little dress I decided to wear to tease not only Jimmy, but an entire film crew. The hosts of the new Playboy TV show, E’rotic, asked me to put on something that I would wear to flash men at a night club. I had the perfect dress in mind, so I excused myself and went upstairs to our bedroom and made a quick wardrobe change. I neglected to wear panties and bra so that I could have some fun, knowing that the hosts were not expecting me to be Pantiless. When I came down the stairs I noticed that the entire film crew was directly in back of Jimmy which made it even more fun to flash my sexy bottom… Continue Here.

Traveling With 13″ Cock In Hand

Posted Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
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The weekend was progressing pretty uneventful until I got a call from Shawnny (you remember him, the young black guy with the biggest cock I’ve ever seen) asking if Jimmy and I would like to go with him to a football party at his friend’s house. I quickly accepted his invite, not that I was into watching a football game with a bunch of rowdy college guys, but because I wanted another chance to get his enormous cock inside me. After I had accepted his invite, Shawnny also volunteered to drive both Jimmy and I to the party. This offer I accepted without any hesitation as I knew by Shawnny driving us to the party, it would give me not one (in the car ride there), not two (at the party), but at least three (in the car ride home and once we arrived back home, an offer to cum inside for a drink… wink…wink…wink) different occasions to seduce him into giving me that nice thirteen inch cock of his…Continue Here.