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Older Man Cums To Teach

Posted Monday, July 28th, 2008
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Leo is my new next-door neighbor that I’m sure I will (and probably you will too) get to know a lot better. I have to say that Leo is a perfect gentleman with an accent that drives me absolutely crazy with ecstasy. When I first met Leo it was at a car wash just down the street from my condo. I was wearing a short mini dress and had noticed Leo washing his car as I was vacuuming mine. I tried very hard to flash him whenever I reached into the car pretending to still be vacuuming. When I caught him catching a glimpse of my uncovered bottom (you know I never wear panties), I winked in a very seductive “I want it now” kind of way! I am usually the one who does the teasing, but on this particular day it seemed as if he had the upper hand. I expected as soon as I had winked at him he would be over to start the small talk (which happens any other time I have done this sort of flirting), but the opposite happened and I found myself having to approach him with the small talk. He knew I wanted him to ask me for a sexual adventure, but as with the entire approach, he waited for me to do the asking. I won’t go into much of that adventure, due to not video taping it, but will say it was the start of something totally awesome. Which now brings me to telling you about this latest sexual adventure with Leo. This sexual adventure happened the very next day when Leo had come over with a beautiful arrangement of roses in a glass vase to give to me. I love flowers, and I love men who know that the way to most women’s nectar is by giving them flowers on occasion. After some small talk and Jimmy getting out the video camera, Leo asked if he could teach me how to be more of a naughty slut than I already was… Continue Here.

Left Pool Party Horny & Wet!

Posted Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
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As everyone knows, when you go to a pool party your chances of getting wet are very good. With everyone splashing around the pool, as well as the guys throwing us little women in the pool, it was no doubt I too would be subject to getting wet. I have to tell you how I got extremely wet and it wasn’t from the water in the pool. I did get wet from taking a dip in the pool, but what really got me wet was one of Jimmy’s friends who decided to join me as I lingered by the side of the pool. I of course flirted, not knowing at first this guy was married (guys, what is it with you that makes you married men not wear your wedding bands???) That was until his wife came over to him and asked him, in a not so nice way, if the water had warmed up a bit; since he apparently complained earlier about the water being cold. Anyway, after she left he continued to flirt back, so I decided I would make a bold move and pulled down my bikini bottoms so that he could see my runway leading down to my wet pussy (no pun intended…hehe). He noticed and commented on how he had tried several times to get his own wife to grow a strip just like mine, but that she preferred to keep it nicely shaven. I told him if he wanted to see it up close and personal, all he had to do was ask. He did, and I told him we could go back to Jimmy & I’s condo which was pretty close to where we were… Continue Here.

7th Inning Stretch In Dugout

Posted Monday, July 7th, 2008
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I am probably unlike most women out there, due to my love of baseball! I especially love to watch my husband’s baseball games. I love the fact that all the guys are fit, ok, most of the guys; I love the fact that they sweat and look so damn athletic as they all try and act like they are back in high school. I love the way they talk and cheer for one another; although sometimes when the game isn’t going in their favor they can get pretty down on each other too (that part I don’t like to see, but even that can sometimes get pretty funny with the name calling). Anyway, what I love most of all is the way it brings out the testosterone in the guys. Not only do I get pretty horny looking at these guys (as I try to watch the game, I often let my mind wander and imagine the entire baseball team gangbanging me one player after the other… like that hasn’t happened… hehe) but I think I can honestly say the guys often get pretty horny looking at me in my short shorts or short mini-skirts, which leads me to explaining how this video actually happened. First off let me apologize for the poor video quality, this video was actually shot with a video camera that Jimmy uses to assess the team’s performance (don’t ask, but I will say these guys think they still have what it takes to someday get a phone call from “Steinbrenner” Himself… NOT!!!!!!). We don’t bring our HD Video camera out unless we plan on doing a naughty video, which on this particular day was the last thing we ever thought we would be doing. After the game, which Jimmy’s Team won, Jimmy and I stuck around to clean up. During our cleanup of the dugout, Jimmy told me I should be naked. I told him to watch what he asked for due to me being very horny and wet between the legs… Continue Here.