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Boy-Toy Fun Turns Exhibitionistic

Posted Friday, April 30th, 2010
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Boy-Toy Fun Turns Exhibitionistic

I love showing off my body in public places as many of you know, so when Jimmy and I decided to go dancing with my boy-toy Matt, I knew I had to dress in one of my shortest mini dresses I own. The black mini dress I decided to wear was nothing short of being compared to a top that most women would wear with a set of tight pants. When I actually showed Jimmy and Matt what I had decided to wear out that night dancing, you can imagine the smiles both men had on their faces. I showed off a lot on the dance floor and when Matt and I started to really get into dirty dancing, which included fondling each other in view of anybody who glanced into our direction, I’m sure they noticed I wasn’t wearing any panties, as Matt at times had my dress up around my hips, exposing not only my bare ass, but pussy as well. When I came to the side of the dance floor to get something to drink, Jimmy was talking to a couple I had seen dancing next to Matt and I on the dance floor. They smiled as Jimmy introduced Matt and I to them. It turns out they had watched us from afar first, but couldn’t believe the scene they were seeing from a distance was actually happening, so they had to get closer to see if in fact I was exposing my body for all to see. It was when they were dancing close to Matt and I that they noticed…Continue Here.