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Naughty Slut Wife and Porn Star Barbi Sinclair gets ready to show her new boy-toy how to preform oral sex on a willing and wanting Slut! This guy is about to learn a thing or two about the birds and the bees! This Blonde is one hot Married Slut and…Continue Here.

Climb To The Top

A climb to the top is only half of this adventure. Recently Jimmy and I wanted to see more of what Las Vegas had to offer besides casinos and malls, so we called a company that features adventure trips. When we finally decided on taking a hiking trip out to Mt Charleston, I didn’t realize that the adventure would be so outdoorsy. Don’t start to call me Blonde just yet! You see, I knew there would be hiking and some chance of seeing wild animals, but I didn’t know that my fear of heights would play into the adventure. When you see the photos of me at the top of one of the mountaintops, you will see that I was quite high, and there was a chance of falling, as there was no railing to catch me if I did indeed misstep. What was funny, is the fact that, I asked the adventure guide to take photos of me giving Jimmy head at the top of the mountain and…Continue Here.

Blowjobs Between Baseball Games!

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. First of all, baseball isn’t a sport that keeps my interest at peak. Furthermore, my own husband just so happened to be involved in a baseball game that made my mind take interest in other things: to have my own naughty fun. You see, after a long game I decided to go back to our vehicle, which was parked way out in the parking lot, and create my own fun before Jimmy found me in our SUV. I saw a group of guys who were supposedly busy with their own thing, but I knew they were trying to catch glimpses of me. When I pulled my top aside and flashed them my tits, that got their… Continue Here.

Flashback of Flashing!

I had reminisced on this pic of me taken a few years ago at the beach when I flashed at at every opportunity I had to have some stud do a double-take when my tits or pussy had become exposed. The idea of some guy checking me out has always made my pussy wet as ever! I said to myself, “Wow, nothing has ever changed! I’m still the flasher I am, if not more, and the many outdoor adventures I have are all evidenced by my husband’s skill in taking my real amateur photos which are on my website!” Anyway, I enjoy looking back at my naughty pics and realize that hey, my just recent adventure that occurred a few days ago off-camera involved me flashing three hot guys that led to….Continue Here.

Prelude To BBC Naughtiness!

I did something I haven’t done in the longest time… give a few piano lessons, but to my friend Shaundam who wanted to learn Bach’s Prelude No. 1 in C Major. I thought I would keep it as professional as possible between teacher and student, but that went down the tubes damn quick when we got dirty with each other right then and there on the piano bench. I mean, as I demonstrated the piece for him in the correct tempo, phrasing, and fingering while sitting on his lap (I know, big mistake there, but time was of the essence so I didn’t want to waste time playing musical chairs), he fondled my leg, which in turn became a bit of a distraction in my mind as I played through the entire music for him. Furthermore, what became a larger distraction to me was his…Continue Here.

Slut Strips For College Boys!

Many of you long time members will remember when I returned to college a few years ago to take a few graduate classes to finish up my Masters Degree. Well if you are new to the site or just can’t remember that far back, check out the following videos: “Barbi’s Slut Day At College!” and “Milf Goes To College For Young BBC!” This particular video you are about to view is just one of the many days on campus I spent flashing my body to any and all male studs that wanted to see it. I should also point out that most of these guys were from the Football Team. Apparently after some of the guys started talking about me at one of their Football parties, they all wanted to check me out. I don’t know if they thought the other guys were lying about the fact I let them fuck me, or if they just were hoping they too could enjoy a married slut’s pussy… Continue Here.

Barbi Sinclair Gets Ready For Her Date

Posted Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
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You’ve got to see me get ready for my date as I put my make-up on and head out the door. And this date is not with hubby Jimmy! This is just one of many examples of when I leave hubby behind just so I could have my off-camera fun with a stud while out on a date. What’s a girl to do with a high sex drive and…Continue Here.