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Barbi’s Slut Day at College!

Posted Friday, July 31st, 2009

Barbi's Slut Day at College

Does this video really need any more of an intro than simply the title? The title says it all, but I will elaborate a little more and tell you that this was one of my most memorable days at college… well I guess I should rephrase that and say one of the most memorable of my postgraduate college days… as I had too many great adventures in my undergrad days to count! On this particular day I had already been very naughty with one of the young college guys named Chad (see the video entitled: “MILF Goes To College For Young BBC!”). As you might remember, Chad kind of showed me off in the hallway upon getting to our mutual friend’s dorm room, where my husband Jimmy was waiting to film the action. When Chad and I were finished with our little fun there was a knock at the door and …Continue Here.

“Business Park Flash”

Posted Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
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Business Park Flash Business Park Flash Business Park Flash

Let me start by saying, if I haven’t already, I love the West Coast as it gives me much more of an opportunity to flash and just be more myself (naughty self that is)! Since the weather is almost always sunny, and the temperatures are always in the 80’s and 90’s (sometimes in the 100’s, but those days are few) I always get to wear what I call “my naughty daytime mini-dresses” which allow me to do just that: Be Naughty! These pics were taken just down the street from where my husband Jimmy works. The time was around 4:30pm so some of the workers were hanging around outside the offices, which led me to ask Jimmy if he had his camera in the truck. As you will soon find out, the answer to that question was YES, so I stepped outside the truck and… Continue Here.

Busted In Convenience Store!

Posted Friday, July 24th, 2009
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Busted in Convenience Store

This naughty adventure you are about to witness has always been a fantasy of mine until now, with the exception of whom I’m actually giving a blowjob to, that is! My fantasy has always been to capture on film myself giving a blowjob in a public restroom of a gas station/convenience store to my husband Jimmy. You see, the deal was that I was to enter the public restroom first as Jimmy followed me minutes later. Well, much to my dismay, he took too long and so I picked up a complete stranger who happened to be inside the convenience store and took him to the restroom with me after I promised him that I would blow him. When Jimmy finally showed up to the restroom, he was shocked that I wasn’t in there alone. So what was he to do? Film another Sexcapade of mine giving a blowjob and handjob to a complete stranger. Unfortunately, the owner of the gas station/convenience store suspected that there were three people in the public restroom and that something was going on, and so started knocking at the door and threatened that he was going to call the police. As much as I didn’t want to get busted, I was determined to finish what I had started despite several interruptions of people knocking on the door… Continue Here.

“Marked Territory”

Posted Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
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Marked Territory Marked Territory Marked Territory

“Marked Territory” is what my husband Jimmy said as he and a friend of ours wrote on me with a marker. As you can see I was blindfolded then cuffed and eventually fucked. I didn’t know what the guys were writing on me until after they took the blindfold off. As you look at the photos, you can tell the two of them had their fun and way with me, which I can’t complain about, as I too had an orgasm when they tortured me by taping a vibrator to my leg, that was positioned up tightly against my clit. I can finally say I know what it is like to have a continuous orgasm, and that at times it was painful but with pleasure (I can only tell you that you must experience it to know what I’m talking about… but it was worth it!). Jimmy even took some pics of my very swollen pussy lips to prove the arousal and pain I speak of. The other guy who left his semen deep inside me, we will call “Milf Shake” as he is referred that by our male friends, hence the name writing on my body. I think that the title of this set is more than appropriate due to not only the Black magic marker tramp stamps, but that both guys came in my pussy… which the guys laughed about… saying that they both “Marked Their Territory!”…. Continue Here.

Barbi Makes Fire With Fireman!

Posted Friday, July 17th, 2009

Barbi Makes Fire With Fireman!

Firemen in uniform always make me hot, or should I say combustible with sexual urges? When it comes to seeing firemen in uniform all I can think about is how muscular and in shape they must be to be able to run into fires as most people are trying to run out of them. This video shows you just what happens when an off-duty fireman asks to put out my fire within. Ok, before I have to run into my bedroom and open my night stand for my favorite vibrator (yes! the pink little rabbit one) I should tell you about this adventure with a fireman (who happens not to be in uniform… it would have been hotter if he was, let me tell you, that would have sent me over the edge with heat exhaustion… hehe)! I often get emails from members asking if I actually do member meets. This particular email I mention was a little different in the fact that he had his entire Fire Dept. email me asking me to do a video with him. They told me it would be a great morale builder for the entire crew (they also asked for a poster of me signed to all of them so that they could hang it in the firehouse). Anyway, when I received an email like that, I just had to respond with a YES to all their demands of me. When the day came to meet up, we decided to meet at a park that divided the drive equal for the two of us… ok the three of us if you count my husband Jimmy. The day was one of the hottest we have had at 114 degrees in the sun, but the fireman was cool as ever, maybe it was his endurance to the heat, but I was burning up. Not only was I hot due to the heat index outside, but also from the thought that soon I was going to be a naughty slut wife with this handsome stud of a fireman! We talked for a while as we walked around the park, but as soon as we found a park bench to sit at things started to heat up… Continue Here.

Sloppy Seconds for Hubby!

Posted Friday, July 10th, 2009
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Sloppy Seconds for Hubby!

My husband loves to see me be a slut, and the only thing he loves more than getting to watch me be a slut, is getting to use my stretched out pussy after I’ve been a naughty slut wife! This video shows my husband getting sloppy seconds, and loving every minute of it. I would think that most men would like to fuck a very tight pussy instead of a stretched out one, but my husband loves to fuck me right after I’ve been a naughty girl, and he tells me that it turns him on to fuck me with a well used pussy. The knowledge of knowing I let another man use my pussy to orgasm, makes my husband so aroused that he usually orgasms in half the time as when he isn’t getting sloppy seconds, which is a good thing, as my pussy usually needs a break after so much fucking. Watch as my husband gets his turn to fuck his little slut wife… me…Continue Here.

Landscaper Cums Back to Finish Job!

Posted Friday, July 3rd, 2009
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Landscaper Cums Back to Finish Job

I just love the way the landscapers make the yard look so manicured. The way they trim the bushes, plant new flowers, and oh-yeah… FUCK! Ever since I have laid eyes on the new member of the landscaping crew, I have fantasized about how great he would be in bed, on top of me, with his large cock penetrating deep within my ever so wanting pussy. Well after touching myself, as I looked out the window, I decided I needed to take action in order for my fantasy of having this fine stud use me as a sex slave. I decided since it was a very sunny day, and extremely hot to say the least, I would bring the hot and sweaty landscapers some ice cold water to quench their thirst. Of course I was hoping to get the newest member of the crew a little hotter as I exited the house in one of my slinky bikinis. After handing the waters out to the other crew members, I went over to the erotic thought provoking muscle god to give him his water. I looked at him in a way that could only be described as “here stands a 100% slut that needs your hidden muscle inside her wet and dripping love canal”. I watched as he took the bottled water from my hands and ever so erotically brought it to his soft lips and let the water flow from the bottle to his tongue which looked more erotic than thirst quenching, but who was I to complain. It was at that time that I decided to be a little flirtatious with him. I told him that the way he drank water made me tingle from within and if he wasn’t doing anything that night he could come back to finish the job with his tongue… Continue Here.