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Caught In Shower With Neighbor

Posted Friday, November 27th, 2009
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Caught In Shower With Neighbor

After a good workout at the gym, nothing feels better than hitting the shower to freshen up. Well that statement is pretty much true 99.99% of the time. The other 0.01% of the time, there is nothing better than a satisfying orgasm after a great workout at the gym. This particular video is one that shows both of those scenarios happening at the same time, thanks in part to my neighbor Zeb. You see, while at the gym, Zeb and I worked out together (well it was kind of like he was training me rather than working out with me, but anyway), and while doing our last set of exercises, I flirted with him, due in part to getting very turned on by watching him do ab crunches. I don’t have to tell you girls out there, what it’s like to see this man doing all sorts of abdominal exercises, all the time while laying on the floor in front of you. Needless to say I was getting really wet between the legs, and knew I needed to have this man sexually at any cost. When Zeb told me he was going to hit the shower before heading home, I asked him if he wanted to conserve water and take one at my place with me. I didn’t have to twist his arm to get him to agree to take a shower with me, but he did ask if my husband Jimmy was home (he finds it more erotic to fuck a married slut wife with the husband not home, so he has said). I told him Jimmy was at work, and he agreed to follow me home… Continue Here.

Clean, Wet, & Satisfied

Posted Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
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Clean, Wet, & Satisfied Clean, Wet, & Satisfied Clean, Wet, & Satisfied

Who ever said a bath had to be boring, never thought of bringing in the tub a waterproof vibrator! You see, when I was going through my vibrators the other day (yes, I have quite the collection) I noticed that this particular vibrator boosted on its package that it was indeed waterproof. I had never really thought about bringing a vibrator into the bath with me, as I usually only bring my rubber or glass dildos, but as I was feeling a bit naughtier than usual, I decided to give it a try. I must admit that the experience of reaching an orgasm with vibration while submerged in the water was an enjoyable and orgasmic one. One more thing I will pass on to you, is the fact that as most of you know me by now, I enjoy to be watched as I am a naughty girl, which led me to let Jimmy in on what I had planned for my bath…Continue Here.

Follow-up Appointment With Doctor

Posted Friday, November 20th, 2009

Follow-up Appointment With Doctor

As you will soon see, if you haven’t already, I managed to hook up again with the ‘doc’ that I met at a Halloween party several weeks ago. After that Halloween party the Doc and I had been sending emails back and forth. It seemed that although he had already fucked me once, he thought he had been jipped as to being able to fuck a Blonde (if you remember I wore a wig the first time we hooked up), which for him is the all time fantasy. I would often in my emails flirt with him and tell him: anywhere, anytime! Which now leads me to explain how the two of us finally got what we each wanted, his fantasy of doing me as a blonde, and mine for having him talk real dirty to me (something I really love is to hear my lover make me beg for it, and he can do that… Continue Here.

“Quick Change in Public”

Posted Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
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Quick Change in Public Quick Change in Public Quick Change in Public

This set shows me changing out of my casual clothes and into my gym clothes before heading to the gym. You see, I had been wanting to be naughty all day, so when I saw some state workers in the commuter parking area, I decided to make their day by getting naked in front of them (no better time or place to change, than when you have on-lookers.. Right?) and…Continue Here.

Housework Interrupted

Posted Friday, November 13th, 2009
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Housework Interrupted

Everyone hates the thought of having to do housework, but it is one of those weekly routines that one must do. Recently however, my husband Jimmy has introduced me to a way that makes housework fun, not to mention sexually satisfying. It all began this past week when Jimmy decided to go into work later than normal. You see, Jimmy was going to have to work late due to a meeting with one of his clients, so seeing how he would not be home until late that evening, he decided to accompany me to the gym that morning and head into work after. At the gym not much happened, as I had my personal training session with my sexy trainer and Jimmy did his usual workout with one of his friends from the gym. It wasn’t till we returned home that my weekly house working routine would become interrupted. I thought I would start my weekly housework by putting a load of laundry in the dryer and washing machine as my husband Jimmy took a shower to prepare for work. As I was bending over to transfer the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I heard Jimmy say something. When I turned around, I noticed that he had in his hand the video camera, which was on and pointed my way. At first I was not amused at the idea of being taped, as my hair, makeup and wardrobe, was nothing but casual. To top all that off, I had just been sweating at the gym from a strenuous workout, so needless to say, the last thing I wanted was to be filmed. After several attempts of asking Jimmy to turn the video camera off, he positioned it on a tripod and started to have his way with me. I asked him how he could be so turned on by looking at me doing housework, and that was when he started to tell me it was actually at the gym he started to get horny by watching me bending over while I was doing deadlifts (the exercise that you stick your ass out as you bend over. One of my trainer’s favorite exercises to have me perform). Jimmy also told me that he noticed all the other men in the gym checking me out as I did this exercise. Hearing Jimmy tell me all of this started to get me very wet…Continue Here.

“Enjoying Lake Mead”

Posted Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
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Enjoying Lake Mead Enjoying Lake Mead Enjoying Lake Mead

No visit to Las Vegas is complete without a trip to Lake Mead, or so I thought. This lake is by no means as one would envision it to be. The lake is beautiful, so don’t get me wrong, but if you have any plans of being able to lay out to catch some of the Sun’s rays, you may want to bring along a dump truck full of sand, as the lake is surrounded by rocks, with little to no sand. The water however is clear and clean, not to mention about 90 degrees. Bathing in this water is like taking a bath in your own home. I was dressed in one of my bikinis to actually go into the water, but when Jimmy told me I was not to get the seats wet, I knew if I wanted to go for a dip, it was going to have to be in my birthday suit. With only a few other beach goers around, I decided to go for it and be a nude bather. I was seen by a few of the men on the beach that were actually fishing from shore, but as you all know me, that didn’t bother me at all. In fact it had the opposite effect and started to get me excited…Continue Here.

Acting Neighborly Can Be Rewarding!

Posted Friday, November 6th, 2009
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Acting Neighborly Can Be Rewarding!

Everyone knows that it is always nicer to be neighborly than not. But in my case it is a challenge not to strip naked and run over my neighbors house to borrow a cup of sugar every time I see him get out of his car, especially if I see him in his workout attire. You see, as many of you already know by other posts to the site, Zeb, my neighbor, is one hot and very sexy, not to mention muscular stud! To say I hit the eye-candy jackpot when I found out he was my neighbor is an understatement, seeing how many times I have already used his muscular body for my own enjoyment… ok, maybe he gets something in return too ;) Anyhow, Zeb has come to be one of our great neighbors and friends, so when he has something he needs my female opinion on (you know, seeing how he is single, he looks for my advice on what attracts women), he will often stop by unannounced, which is perfectly ok with me ;) This particular time, Zeb wanted my opinion on a set of shorts his sponsorship sent him for his Body-Building competition he had coming up. The sponsor sent him several shorts in various colors, so he wanted my opinion on color, and what he really wanted to know from my woman’s opinion, was if I thought they were hot? Of course I thought the shorts were hot, but what I wanted in return from having to look at this magnificent being was body-to-body contact! I tried to seduce him by… Continue Here.

“Exhibitionism Before Bed”

Posted Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
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Exhibitionism Before Bed Exhibitionism Before Bed Exhibitionism Before Bed

This was one of those nights I still had some naughty behavior left in me as Jimmy and I were getting ready for bed. When I was getting ready to shut the blinds to head to bed, I noticed a few guys in the parking lot. The guys looked as though they had just gotten off of work, as they were just lounging around their vehicles and drinking what seemed to be beer. When I noticed them, I noticed one of them pointed up to me and that was when I had this mischievous idea of doing a photo set in front of the window with the blinds open…Continue Here.