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“Enjoying Lake Mead”

Posted Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
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Enjoying Lake Mead Enjoying Lake Mead Enjoying Lake Mead

No visit to Las Vegas is complete without a trip to Lake Mead, or so I thought. This lake is by no means as one would envision it to be. The lake is beautiful, so don’t get me wrong, but if you have any plans of being able to lay out to catch some of the Sun’s rays, you may want to bring along a dump truck full of sand, as the lake is surrounded by rocks, with little to no sand. The water however is clear and clean, not to mention about 90 degrees. Bathing in this water is like taking a bath in your own home. I was dressed in one of my bikinis to actually go into the water, but when Jimmy told me I was not to get the seats wet, I knew if I wanted to go for a dip, it was going to have to be in my birthday suit. With only a few other beach goers around, I decided to go for it and be a nude bather. I was seen by a few of the men on the beach that were actually fishing from shore, but as you all know me, that didn’t bother me at all. In fact it had the opposite effect and started to get me excited…Continue Here.

“Silver Slinky Bikini”

Posted Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
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Silver Slinky Bikini Silver Slinky Bikini Silver Slinky Bikini

First I want to thank my dear friend Dane, for sending me this hot and very sexy bikini. Thank You! Second, I want your opinion on which poses in this bikini do you guys think are hot and very erotic? (you can post your opinions on the forum) I ask for your help due to a Bikini Contest I have been voted to be in down at the beach (long story I will have to write about in the story section). I will have 120 seconds (2 Minutes) to strut myself on the catwalk and pose for all the horny guys below. I’m not really planning on winning this event, as there will be girls in their young twenties, and with competition like that, an older woman like myself won’t even stay around till the quarter finals. I can only hope that there are many guys that enjoy a “MILF” like myself strutting around the stage barely naked in front of them! Maybe I can flirt with the judges…Continue Here.

Hotel Pool Tease To Hotel Room Fun!

Posted Friday, September 11th, 2009
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Hotel Pool Tease To Hotel Room Fun

Before I even start to talk about this video you about to view, I need to warn you about the extreme danger of being out in the sun without the proper sunscreen. As you are about to see, when ever you think you may be exposed to the harmful Sun’s Rays, you should always put sunscreen on to prevent damaging your skin and exposing yourself to Skin Cancer. This poor guy, who you are about to meet, didn’t put any sunscreen on and he paid for it the next day (he called me up the next day to thank me for our naughty time together and to tell me about how difficult it was for him to sleep due to the burning of his skin). Ok, now onto the video. This video was yet another spontaneous one as I had no earlier intentions of being naughty by just going and laying out by the hotel pool. You see, Jimmy had to travel yet again for his job, so I tagged along (with a little bit of negotiations that is… I promised him some fun filled evenings… you can use your imagination) in order to enjoy the night life that Vegas has to offer. I also thought I would have the opportunity to do some shopping at the awesome malls Vegas has, of which I was able to buy some new sexy clothes I will soon be able to show off on the site. Getting back to this video, on this particular day you are about to view, I decided to head to the pool to catch some rays that would help with my end of summer tan. Golden brown skin to me is so sexy. While at the pool, I noticed a few hot guys, I did my best to nonchalantly expose myself to them, but had to be careful. After getting some guys to come over to talk to me, (most seemed to be uncomfortable with the fact that I was in Vegas with my husband, even after explaining to them I was a naughty slut wife with my husband’s approval) there was this one guy who seemed to be turned on to the idea of heading up to my hotel room for some naughty action with with my husband present to watch and film it all… Continue Here.

“Swimming Naked”

Posted Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
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Swimming Naked Swimming Naked Swimming Naked

It has been so hot out here on the West Coast of the United States that I find myself always around water. This particular time, I was just trying to cool off while Jimmy was doing some work on his computer. I guess when he looked out and saw me in my blue and black bikini, it was just too hot for him to stay inside. Like always, Jimmy had his camera in hand and started to take some photos of me. I told him that the sun and heat would make for really ugly pictures of me (seeing how all I was doing was squinting from the sun and sweating profusely. I had makeup on earlier, but I don’t think any remained on due to my swim in the pool). I don’t particularly like these photos, but Jimmy thought you guys would like to see me not only in my bikini, but also…Continue Here.