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Barbi’s Darker Side, Enjoys BBC Too!

Posted Friday, October 30th, 2009

Barbi's Darker Side, Enjoys BBC Too!

With Halloween right around the corner, I decided to dress up and show a more dark side of me. With the addition of some tattoos, a dark haired wig with black and reddish purple hair, dark nail polish, and a very naughty looking lingerie outfit, I think I accomplished the look I was going for. You see, Jimmy and I recently went to a naughty halloween party, where the grand prize was being awarded to the woman with the sexiest costume. As anyone who knows me can vouch, I was seeking to win that prize, and along with it, I was seeking to find some hot guy to sink my teeth into for some naughty fun… not that I bite or anything… hehe! But anyway, getting back to telling you all about this video. Before the party, when I was getting ready, you should have seen my husband Jimmy’s face when I exited the bathroom wearing this outfit with all the trimmings…Continue Here.

“Join Me In Hot Tub?”

Posted Monday, October 26th, 2009
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Hot Tub Fun Hot Tub Fun Hot Tub Fun

I decided to take a nice bubble bath before going out with my hubby to the dance club. There’s nothing more than feeling clean, refreshed, and horny. My hubby watched me as I bathed in our hotel room, giving him the most raging hard-on. Upon lathering myself and touching myself, it was time for Jimmy to join me in the tub for some sexual fun. It was the most relaxing yet invigorating… Continue Here.

Breakin’ In Bachelor Pad!

Posted Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Breakin' In Bachelor Pad!

I don’t know what it is about Bachelor Pads that make men fantasize about having one, but they seem to all have the same goal, to lure women into them and then seduce them into getting naked for pure animalistic sexual encounters. The guys I recently met are in quest of the same results I mention earlier, and one of them has a very nice package that may do more for bringing women to being sexually subordinates than the indoor hot tub. It may be one thing to have a lavish Bachelor Pad (something these guys have dreams of making their newly acquired Bachelor Pad into), but if you have the body and package this guy has, it may do more for bringing women the desire the need to return for more… like me…Continue Here.

“Blow-Job Explosion”

Posted Monday, October 19th, 2009
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Blow-Job Explosion Blow-Job Explosion Blow-Job Explosion

This photo set was the winner in last week’s poll. So I just had to post them even though I didn’t like the way the way they came out. You see, Jimmy had his camera flash way to high causing me to squint most of the time. If this photo set wasn’t the winner in last week’s poll, I probably would have just deleted the entire set and posted something else. Anyway, I know that Jimmy was happy to see the results of the poll, as it meant that he would be receiving the warmth of my mouth around his cock while he took some pics of the action. What he didn’t know was that I was secretly trying to get one of my boy-toys over to receive the oral delights…Continue Here.

Now That’s A Good Friend!

Posted Friday, October 16th, 2009
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< Now That's A Good Friend!

For those of you viewing this video, you should know that what you are about to view, is a direct result of last week’s video entitled: “Waiter Delivers Mouthwatering Dessert”. You see, in order for me to get Jordan (the waiter) to allow my husband Jimmy to video tape our fun time for the sake of putting it up on this naughty little website, I had to make a deal with him. The deal was that for one solid week he would be able to use my pussy whenever he wanted. What I didn’t realize was that Jordan had other conditions to our deal of which I wouldn’t know about until they came up… sort of speak… hehe! Anyway, this video, was one of those hidden conditions. Jordan, as usual, came over after work; but this time he brought a friend of his along…Continue Here.

“Wired By Electricians”

Posted Monday, October 12th, 2009
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Wired By Electricians Wired By Electricians Wired By Electricians

This photo set I did at the request of a couple of new members who own an electrical company. They wanted me to come out and see them on the job and have some fun while doing so. Needless to say after we took these photos, the guys were too horny to continue their work so I decided to relieve some of their sexual tension with a few blowjobs and…Continue Here.

Waiter Delivers Mouthwatering Dessert!

Posted Friday, October 9th, 2009
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Waiter Delivers Mouthwatering Dessert!

Meet Jordan! If you remember from reading my daily diary, Jordan is the waiter that had waited on my hot girlfriends and I one evening at a restaurant he works at. From the very first time I laid eyes on him, I knew I had to see how he looked naked and how good he was in bed. After some flirtatious acts, from my friends and I, Jordan slipped me his number. That night, I thought about him the entire time my husband Jimmy was fucking me… needless to say the next day I had to call him to arrange a sexual adventure. Since that phone call, I have been having some awesome…Continue Here.

“Cowgirl At Sunset”

Posted Monday, October 5th, 2009
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Cowgirl At Sunset Cowgirl At Sunset Cowgirl At Sunset

Seeing how the West Coast of the United States has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, I thought I would do a photo set at one of the nearby parks and capture some of the Sun’s most startling rays! This park is always very busy, so I decided to find a sitting area away from the main area to do some flashing. There are many hiking trails that pass by this particular sitting area, so flashing my tits and pussy at Jimmy while the flash of the camera was going off, did cause a few sets of voyeurist’s eyes to get a clear view of my naughtiness. You know that being naughty in public only gets me more horny, not to mention more daring with my posing, causing me to touch myself until I experienced an orgasm in public view of many men! I am only disappointed that the flash on the camera took away the most colorful of sunsets, but then again…Continue Here.

Backseat Orgasm On Vegas Roadtrip!

Posted Friday, October 2nd, 2009
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Backseat Orgasm On Vegas Roadtrip

I was so excited to have gone with Jimmy on his business trip, literally. We had stopped at an adult store where I had purchased a couple new dildos to have fun with before we headed to our destination. However, while Jimmy was driving our vehicle on the highway, I got very horny just thinking what a naughty slut wife I was going to be in Sin City, that what better way to get started with my action than to try out my dildos. It was going to be too cramped for me to try them in the passenger seat, so I hopped to the back of our SUV while Jimmy held the camera as he drove. Is he a multi-tasker or what? There was a lot of traffic on the highway, and I just sat back with my legs spread eagle and…Continue Here