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Daisy And Barbi Play

Posted Monday, August 16th, 2010
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Daisy and Barbi Play

My sexy friend Daisy Rock and I got together in the shower, and not just alone, as we had company. A cock that we could share and use is something that two friends can’t just limit to fantasizing, but making it come true, especially when it’s my own husband I want to share! Jimmy let us take control of his cock as he leaned back in the shower with his raging hard-on. Once we took turns blowing him, there’s more action that occurred as…Continue Here.

Strap-On Sluts Enjoy Dildo Fun!

Posted Friday, January 22nd, 2010
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Strap-On Sluts Enjoy Dildo Fun!

The only thing I can truly say about this video is it was the first time I ever used a strap-on! I guess you can say I lost my strap-on virginity in this hot girl-girl action. I want you all to meet Jaylene Rio, an actual pornstar I met at the AVN/AEE Show. We had a booth set up next to each other, so to kill time before and after the show we began to develop a friendship. Jaylene and I hit it off right away, and after talking a bit at the AVN/AEE Show, we decided to have a little girl on girl action, which would include a strap-on. You see, while talking and getting to know Jaylene, she asked me if I enjoyed girl/girl naughtiness. When I told her I did, as I do enjoy how a woman can be so sensual while having sex, she asked if I had ever used a strap-on to make the sexual escapade more exciting. She then told me that using a strap-on to penetrate the pussy instead of just using a plain dildo is like having a real man’s cock. I told her that nothing could possibly replace a man’s cock for sex, but she told me not to judge until I had tried it. Needless to say, I made plans…Continue Here.

Two Sluts Just Having Fun!

Posted Friday, June 12th, 2009
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Two Sluts Just Having Fun!

When Daisy Rock from the UK emailed me and told me she was going to be coming to the USA for a promotional tour, I couldn’t help myself but ask her if she needed a place to stay while on the West Coast. Of course she had already made hotel plans, but after a bit of persuasion on my part, she finally agreed to stay with Jimmy and I in our new house. I know that Jimmy was really excited at the news of having another woman in the house, especially Daisy! When the day came to finally pick Daisy up from the airport, I dressed in one of my skimpy dresses and neglected to wear any underwear underneath. I flashed several guys in the airport, as Jimmy and I tried to make the time pass (it turned out that Daisy’s arrival time was delayed by almost two hours, due to the plane not being able to take off when it was originally planned because of fog at the departing airport). When Daisy’s flight finally arrived at the airport, I couldn’t believe the skimpy dress she had on (it was even shorter than mine, and let me tell you, she had looks from everyone at the airport… good and bad… what an exhibitionist she is!). On the drive home, I caught Jimmy looking at her in the mirror a few times, but I just laughed as I could hardly blame him for looking right at her Pantyless pussy! As soon as we got home, we went right for the bedroom and … Continue Here.

Two Girl Fun Time

Posted Thursday, February 14th, 2008
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To satisfy many of your requests of doing my first girl-girl video with Carli, I thought I would do just that. Nevertheless, I had done this video a while back long before any of you began to e-mail me to do some steamy hot girl-girl action with Carli. As you recall, I started to break Carli into the entire naughty slut wife world, and fortunately she had longed to get naughty with me first. I couldn’t resist after a heated spontaneous moment had arisen with Carli. You see, Carli and I had arranged to go out for a late lunch date and then go shopping afterwards at the mall. We had so much fun together that we actually started talking about having some sexual fun with each other while we were shopping. The turn on for both of us was mutual. Furthermore, we even talked about switching husbands, and the thought of her husband Nick fucking me with his large cock and Jimmy fucking her with his large cock made both of us quite wet. So anyway, when Carli and I returned to Jimmy and Nick back at my home, that’s when things got pretty sexual. It all started when Jimmy and Nick asked us if we enjoyed our time together shopping and the whole nine yards, and I couldn’t resist but tell them our fun time, including our chat about having fun with each other. Carli had even filled in the little details I forgot to tell them about. Before I knew it, Carli and I started to kiss on the couch and Jimmy couldn’t resist but pull out the video camera. My pussy was so wet when Carli began… Continue Here