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Cuckold Preps Wife for Anal Sex!

Posted Friday, August 7th, 2009
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Cuckold Preps Wife for Anal Sex

You might at first glance just think my Cuckold Husband is prepping my ass for his own pleasure, but the truth is, he was prepping my ass for my boy toy who for the first time in his life was going to enjoy anal sex. You see, I wanted to make my boy-toy’s first anal sex experience a very pleasurable one, and if anyone out there has ever taken a woman anally, you know how difficult it can be if the woman’s ass is super tight… which my ass is one of those. So when my boy-toy asked me if he could not only fuck my pussy but also my ass (he normally always fucks me twice as he is a quick re-loader and can’t seem to get enough… which is alright by me, because I can’t get enough of him sometimes either) I without hesitation talked dirty to him asking which hole he wanted first… hehe. He told me that he wanted my pussy first, his explanation was that, he normally always cums quick the first time, but the second orgasm is usually a slow built up one, so in that case he would get to really enjoy his first anal experience. He was due to come over the house right after work, which gave me just enough time to entice my cuckold husband to get me prepped… Continue Here.

Another Anal Night

Posted Friday, February 27th, 2009
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The video title says it all but I will add to the how, what and when this all happened. This week has been one full of anal sex, from Monday night’s Cam Show to this video, I have enjoyed the intense feeling of heightened orgasms that only anal sex can achieve. You see, very few women ever get past the naughty idea of actually getting fucked in the ass, whether it be from the idea of being in pain (which does occur in the first few sessions of anal sex) or just the lack of experimentation in the bedroom, but with experience comes the reward of orgasms not reached any other way. I will say that a woman has to be in the mood for anal sex, or it just doesn’t do the same thing to her orgasms, but instead makes it a painful ordeal, been there done that! I for one am glad I gave anal sex a try so long ago, and with my husband, I get to experience anal sex often. This anal adventure you are about to watch, if you haven’t already, took place after a long hard day at work for both Jimmy and I. It all started at lunch time when I called Jimmy to tell him how wonderful the night before last had been as he gave me one hell of an “analgasm” (my new word for achieving an orgasm through anal sex). I had explained to him while on the phone that as soon as both of us were home, I would want to jump in the sack and have his hard cock give me another “analgasm!”. Once home, I didn’t even change out of work clothes before jumping on my husband and… Continue Here.