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Adam Gets His Answer & More!

Posted Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Another Naughty Adventure!

The day started out innocently enough; I was getting dressed for a seminar I needed to attend for work, (yes, I do have another job besides running this site!) by putting on what I thought was a classy but stylish outfit. The only thing was, I had chosen not to wear any panties or bra under the classy outfit. In the light that was provided by the bedroom and bathroom lights, I had no idea that the white material of my pants would allow others to view what was underneath. Later, Jimmy told me that when I was leaving in the morning, he had a clear shot of my landing strip and ass as I walked towards the car in the morning light. (It’s nice to know that he is a secure man to let me leave like I did and not say anything about it, even if I didn’t dress that way on purpose.) To tell you the truth, I had no plans on being as naughty as I turned out to be around others I work with on a daily basis. I did notice I got admiring looks from a lot of men, but assumed it was for the stylish way I was dressed, not that they were looking at me as if I was naked. Towards the end of the seminar I needed to make a phone call, so I exited the assembly room as not to bother anyone with my conversation. It was then that one of the brave servers came over to me and asked if he could ask me a question. I told him he could ask me anything, in a flirting way (you know me) and he continued to ask me if I knew my pants were sheer enough to noticeably show I wasn’t wearing any panties. I asked him if he knew that for sure and quickly enough, he asked if I was. I told him only one way he was going to find out, and that was to feel for himself. I noticed a corner… Continued Here.

Friend Helps With Home Project

Posted Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Home projects are so much fun!!

This week’s video update is a little different in the fact I posted it in two parts: The first part is of Jimmy and I, and the second part is of Romeo and I, needless to say, I was in total ecstasy. It started something like this: Jimmy needed help with moving some of the heavy furniture to paint the bedroom, so he called Lex, one of our new friends (You might remember him from some of my videos). Lex had planned on coming over to help, but at the last minute had to call and cancel due to family issues. So with no body else there to help, Jimmy had me help with moving some of the furniture (boy was it heavy). When we finally got all the furniture moved, I stepped out of the room and ended up trying to call someone else to help him after. The only one I could get in touch with was my personal trainer Romeo, with whom I talked very erotic with just to get him to come over to help Jimmy. Needless to say, I also offered up my body, which I was so happy and willing to do, so that Romeo would help Jimmy move the furniture back and I wouldn’t have to. I also had alternative plans of having his hard cock satisfy some sexual urges I acquired while at the home improvement store with Jimmy… Continued Here.

Caught Playing With A Toy

Posted Thursday, April 10th, 2008
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I Just Love My Toys!

I get asked all the time if I can do a video that features me playing with toys. The reason so many of you ask me to do this sort of video is that it would allow for many close-ups of my pussy. Well for all those that have sent me emails requesting such a video, this one is for you! Please keep in mind that when I started this little adventure, that I thought would just be a private one-on-one session with my new vibrator and I, I never thought I would be caught by Jimmy, whom I thought was out and about attending to chores he had planned for the day. You can see in the video my reaction to him bursting into our bathroom… Continue Here.

My Trainer’s New Workout

Posted Friday, April 4th, 2008
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Like many of you out there, working out is the last thing I want to do after a long day at work. That is until recently, when Jimmy suggested I get a personal trainer to help me with my workout program. Jimmy as most of you know has been in the fitness industry since college; he knows a lot about working out and has helped me get to the point I am now with knowing the exercises to get the desired body I have always wanted. So you know I took his suggestion of hiring a trainer with some questionable doubt; his answer to my question why was simple: You complain too much when I try to push you as much as you need to be, in order to reach those personal goals you have set. Then he added: He knew the perfect trainer for me, Romeo! Now keep in mind that I had never met Romeo before, but I had heard in the locker room from some of the women whom Romeo trains that he was a very hard trainer, so I was a bit hesitant to let Jimmy know if I would train with him. The next day when I went to the gym to workout, I went to talk to the manager of the trainers. He introduced me to Romeo and I must say, I was instantly attracted to him. Needless to say, I signed up for three months of personal training with Romeo! When I went home that day, after of course working out, I told Jimmy I took his advice and signed up for training with Romeo. The very next day, as I was heading to the gym, I remember thinking that my workout was finally going to be made easy by working out with this hottie of a trainer. Boy was I wrong; it was the most tiring workout I think I have ever done in my life! The only good thing I can mention about the workout was that Romeo I’m sure was checking out my ass and semi-exposed tits. That night when Jimmy and I where in the middle of having some fun, Jimmy asked me about the workout with Romeo. I tried to tell him that the workout was the hardest thing I think I had ever felt with my body, but that I would try to get something even harder from Romeo in the coming training sessions! As you could only expect, Jimmy wanted a little more clarification with what I had earlier said. I told him that Romeo’s workout was hard, but I was going to try even harder to get that hard cock of his as a reward for all my hard work! I had several workouts with Romeo before he actually started to return my flirtatious comments; the final one that actually got him to take the bait, was one where I told him if he pushed me any harder, he would need to give me a massage after…Continue Here.