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Peeping Jimmy Gets Eye Full!

Posted Friday, August 28th, 2009
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Peeping Jimmy Gets Eye Full

I had never intended on Jimmy ever filming this sexual adventure you are about to see, nor did I ever think I would be putting it up on my website. But nonetheless, you are about to view another sexual encounter with my hot landscaper and I. You see, my landscaper had called me unexpectedly to see if I was going to be around for a quickie. I had already changed into my hot clubbing outfit waiting for Jimmy to get changed so that we could go out, but I decided I could still have my naughty fun off camera, or at least I thought. When Jimmy became aware of my naughty plans, he became persistent about filming me even when I told him he couldn’t. I was so stuck in a situation where I couldn’t convince Jimmy not to videotape my naughtiness before the landscaper showed up. Jimmy often asks to hide in closets to get a view of me being with another lover, but my landscaper is a very muscular guy and I didn’t want any harm coming to Jimmy if he would be discovered. I had told my landscaper on the phone to use the backslider door where I had another bedroom I use for guests and family who stay with us when visiting. This spare bedroom has its own bathroom, which gave my husband Jimmy the perfect view and hiding space. When the landscaper asked where my husband Jimmy was, and why we were to meet in this bedroom opposed to the master bedroom, I simply told him that my husband was upstairs catching a nap before we went out for the night. The landscaper believed me, and we progressed to our normal sexual rendezvous…Continue Here.

“Summer School Studies”

Posted Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
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Summer School Studies Summer School Studies Summer School Studies

Check out this hot and very naughty school girl outfit I’m wearing in an actual college dorm room. There may not be a lot of hot men on campus during the summer semester, but I can still be very naughty thinking about them and…Continue Here.

Cuckold Loses Bet, Slut Wife Pays Debt!

Posted Friday, August 21st, 2009

Cuckold Loses Bet, Slut Wife Pays Debt!

When I told Jimmy I would accompany him to his tennis lessons, I had no idea I would end up being the tennis instructor’s trophy! Now I guess I should explain how this came about. You see, when Jimmy was half of the way done with his lessons, Jimmy decided to play a game of which if he lost (which we all knew he would as he hasn’t played in years… hence the lessons) I would be the trophy. If Jimmy won however (I guess it could happen if the world stopped… hehe) the tennis instructor would be buying the drinks all night (we were all to go out after the tennis playing). Well right off the start I knew Jimmy was in trouble so I started to flash my tits and pussy at the tennis instructor. I don’t think that even helped one bit, as a matter of fact, I think it just enticed the tennis instructor to play harder… no pun intended… hehe! When Jimmy lost without even getting a point, I decided his tennis lessons were over and that was when I started to play tennis against the instructor. I too lost several games and each time the ante was a bit higher, or should I say lower, as the first time I lost I had to play with my tits totally exposed to anyone who happened to look our way (oh-yeah, the pro-shop was right in back of us, so I know they all enjoyed the view). I kept the top down the entire game, of which I lost that game too, which meant lifting my skirt up and exposing my pussy to the world. For the entire next game, I played tennis with my skirt at waist level and my pussy totally exposed to not only other tennis players, but the pro-shop guys as well… Continue Here.

“Black Monster Fun”

Posted Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
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Black Monster Fun Black Monster Fun Black Monster Fun

I think you all will love this photo set, especially after I tell you all about it. You see, I had recently received an email from a guy claiming to be a pro-baseball player. In his email he offered to give Jimmy and I tickets to one of his away games as long as he could meet up with us after for some naughty fun (something I jumped at right away, after all it’s not everyday that one gets to be with a pro-baseball player… right?). Well as it turned out, he was playing a game not that far away from us in a few weeks, so we decided to take him up on his offer. When we arrived at the hotel and were checking in, the receptionist came over to me with a gift box and as she handed it to me told me who it was from (it turned out that his team was staying in the same hotel). It is a good thing I decided to wait till I got up to our hotel room before opening it, as I would have been extremely embarrassed as to what the package had inside… one of the thickest and blackest dildos I had ever seen; the package also had a bottle of astroglide lube and a note. The note was hand written from the pro-baseball player and what it basically said was: “Hi Barbi and Jim, I thought you would be here early and to add to the excitement of meeting up tonight…Continue Here.

So You Want To Be In A Porno?

Posted Friday, August 14th, 2009
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So You Want To Be In A Porno?

Here is another spontaneous adventure that I’m sure all of you will enjoy viewing. I don’t even know where to begin as this was one fun filled night with plenty of erotic happenings. So let me start to explain how this all came about. Jimmy had called me earlier in the day from work to ask if I would be up to going out with a few of his buddies from the gym. I immediately started to get excited and turned on by the idea of being with my husband and his muscle clad friends. As you all know by now, I am such a slut when these types of dates happen as I never know if I am going to be lucky enough to land one or more of these hot muscular guys into a sexual adventure. Anyway, I ended the phone call with my hubby with a very sexy “I can’t wait till tonight, I will have to see what I have in the closet that is short enough to get the attention of these guys and for that matter others at the dance club… hehe” ;) When I did in fact enter my walk-in-closet to see what I could wear, I found the perfect short black mini and a matching corset that really showed off my tits. After I picked out what I was going to in fact wear, I received a phone call from one of my dear friends, named Katie. After some small chit chat, I invited her to meet us at the dance club (Katie runs an amateur adult website too, so the two of us together can really cause some havoc on unsuspecting hot guys!) of which she accepted. When Jimmy finally arrived home, he showered and got dressed as I did the same. When we were walking to the car, Jimmy, like always, opened my door for me to enter (this he does for two reasons, the first being he is a gentleman and his mother taught him manners, and the second is that he likes to see if indeed I have neglected to wear any panties. The later is what I assume is the real reason he opens the doors for me.. hehe). Jimmy caught the bare pussy shot and with a smile said, “It looks like we are in for a great night, huh!” When we arrived at the club…Continue Here.

“Flashing At Carwash”

Posted Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
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Flashing At Carwash Flashing At Carwash Flashing At Carwash

Another Flashing Day was well in hand when Jimmy started to take photos of me being naughty! These pics are of me flashing first Jimmy and then an entire detailing crew as we waited for them to detail our truck. First view the pics Jimmy took of me flashing him (and all the guys who were watching behind one of the glass windows) as we went through the automatic carwash. Then at the end of the automatic part of the carwash, Jimmy and I exited the car so that the detail guys could vacuum, dry, and do the windows as we waited on a bench near-by. The workers kept looking back at Jimmy and I and caught me flashing a few times. The workers seemed to like my naughtiness, so I kept up the flashing, and at one point even left a nipple exposed while I just sat looking innocent. When the time came to return to the car, the guys asked if I could…Continue Here.

Cuckold Preps Wife for Anal Sex!

Posted Friday, August 7th, 2009
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Cuckold Preps Wife for Anal Sex

You might at first glance just think my Cuckold Husband is prepping my ass for his own pleasure, but the truth is, he was prepping my ass for my boy toy who for the first time in his life was going to enjoy anal sex. You see, I wanted to make my boy-toy’s first anal sex experience a very pleasurable one, and if anyone out there has ever taken a woman anally, you know how difficult it can be if the woman’s ass is super tight… which my ass is one of those. So when my boy-toy asked me if he could not only fuck my pussy but also my ass (he normally always fucks me twice as he is a quick re-loader and can’t seem to get enough… which is alright by me, because I can’t get enough of him sometimes either) I without hesitation talked dirty to him asking which hole he wanted first… hehe. He told me that he wanted my pussy first, his explanation was that, he normally always cums quick the first time, but the second orgasm is usually a slow built up one, so in that case he would get to really enjoy his first anal experience. He was due to come over the house right after work, which gave me just enough time to entice my cuckold husband to get me prepped… Continue Here.

“Thanking Mitch”

Posted Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
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Thanking Mitch Thanking Mitch Thanking Mitch

As you might recall, Mitch was a guy who I don’t remember if I picked him up or he picked me up, but either way I had one naughty adventure with him after a strenuous work out at the gym. Anyway, after that first time with Mitch, we made plans to get together to discuss his comeback in the porn industry (if you remember the last time I wrote about my adventure with Mitch at the gym, Mitch had been in the porn industry a while back and was actually thinking about getting back into it after running into me). I met Mitch at his house and he showed me a way to get more traffic to my site, something I have not done a great job at in the past. Jimmy and I make extra money by running the website (which allows us to travel to naughty locations for fun as well as allowing me to shop for naughty toys for the bedroom), but it is no where near being able to support me being able to quit my day job (something I thought would have been accomplished by now, but with the economy the way it is, and not really knowing how to get web traffic to my naughty website, seems to be something of a fantasy than reality) so when Mitch offered to help me understand the way other webmasters get traffic to their websites, I took his offer without hesitation. The mini dress I have on is actually what I wore to my “day job” earlier in the day, and yes I had no panties on…Continue Here.