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I Have A Girlfriend, I Can’t!

Posted Sunday, September 28th, 2008
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I usually get what I want, just ask my husband Jim and he can vouch for me, but in this video you will see that’s not the case all the time. When I met Eric for the first time, he was exactly what he looked like on his myspace profile. Talk about a hottie, and did I mention he was a pornstar? I have never been with an actual pornstar, so when I heard that he was going to be at the Exxxotica show, I asked him if he would like to get together for some drinks after the show. I thought for sure I would have some fun with him, but it turned out Eric had a new girlfriend that he wasn’t about to cheat on. In the bar I tried to do everything possible to entice this sexy man back up stairs to my room. I showed him I wasn’t wearing panties, that wasn’t enough, I felt his cock up right there in the bar, that wasn’t enough. I just about told this man I would do anything to get him to fuck me that night, including letting him have my ass for some real naughty fun…Continue Here.

Fan’s Ultimate Fantasy Granted

Posted Sunday, September 21st, 2008
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This is just another video showing that I do in fact grant member’s wishes of having me be their little slut for a day… Ok, maybe just an hour or two ;) But either way, take a look at what happens when I run into a fan at the exxxotica show in New Jersey and he lets me know his ultimate fantasy. This member wasn’t into small talk, just straight out with what he wants from me. Most guys that I meet want to fuck my pussy and couldn’t careless about getting a blowjob, but not this member. He wanted nothing else but to have me… and I quote, “I want one of your ultimate blowjobs. I want to have you suck my cock until it explodes and then I want you to lick me clean… every last drop clean!” Well after we hung out at the exxxotica show for a while together, I found out he was in fact a pretty cool guy, so Jimmy and I told him what hotel we were staying at and made arrangements for him to come over later that night. I told him that I had no problems with making his ultimate fantasy a reality, but I wanted to make sure I was treated to a nice orgasm as well… Continue Here.

Quickie With Hotel Door Wide Open

Posted Sunday, September 14th, 2008
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This is one for you voyeur fans. On a recent weekend getaway, Jimmy and I were a little naughty. You see, Jimmy and I had some time to kill before going out for the night, so Jimmy decided to set the video camera up and get me to be a little naughty in front of an open hotel room door. What I didn’t know about our little public exhibition, was that while I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out, Jimmy was on the balcony watching as cars entered the parking lots. What gave him the idea of getting me naked in front of the door was the construction crews that just happened to be arriving at the same hotel in vans. As Jimmy watched them arrive, he noticed that most of the guys would look up at the rooms with lights on. He didn’t tell me that until after I noticed a few guys looking up at me. You will notice that point, as I try to be a little less obvious I’m naked. That is when Jimmy grabs my arms and makes me stand up so that they can receive a better view of my body as Jimmy gives it to me good…Continue Here.

Milf Gets College Cock Again!

Posted Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
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This video is one that any of you who have a thing for MILFS will love. I recently received a phone call from my college boy toy of last year, asking if I could make myself available to his cock sometime before his senior year started. I could never turn Jay down, so we made plans for that weekend. I told him that since Jimmy and I were getting our stuff packed to move out to our West Coast Home for good (long story), that we should get a hotel near the college. This video is one that has two parts: First part, watch Jay and I enjoy each other; the second part, watch as Jimmy gets to use my stretched out used pussy, something he loves more than even fucking my ass! In the end, I was covered in so much CUM, I look like I’d been the center of a bukkake party… Continue Here.