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A Virgin No More, Thanks Barbi

Posted Wednesday, December 31st, 2008
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This video is the second part of the video entitled: “Shawnny’s Brother A Virgin”. This time watch as Shawnny’s Brother (Jerry) actually loses his Virginity to me! You know I love to spread my legs for BBC, and this time was special in the fact that my pussy was being used by someone that had never experienced being inside one before, talk about hot… I’m getting wet and excited just thinking about! As you may remember, Jerry couldn’t hold off cumming in my hands as I teased him prior to getting him into the bedroom for the real fun. Being the age and the fact that he was really excited to be losing his virginity to me, it didn’t take very long for him to recharge. I must also add the fact that Jerry’s cock never went soft as I continued to hold it in my hands after he came. Once I thought he had enough time to recharge, I knew that when his cock started to pulse again in my hands, I again started to suck on his large cock. After a few minutes of this, I decided it was time for me to get him into the bedroom where I could have my real fun of getting this virgin cock inside me…Continue Here.

Barbi Spreads Some Holiday Cheer!

Posted Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
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I receive lots of emails from members of the site, some asking for advice on how to make their own wives more like me… A Naughty SLUT… some asking if I could send them a fan pic or two, but every once in a while I get one that asks for ME! This video features just that, a member asking if he could be in one of my adventures. What made this email stand out more than others I receive like it, was the fact that not only did this member send me an email, but his friends did as well. The member, who’s name is BEN, sent me one of the nicest emails, commenting on everything from the way I dress to the way I trimmed up my pussy. He went into the seduction of what he would want to do to me if he ever met me in person, and let me tell you that part of his email was hot enough to make me start playing with myself. The second email I received to this seduction was from Ben’s friends. They wrote about how Ben talked about me all the time, adding in their email the fact that even when they were out with their girlfriends, Ben would make comments about how if Barbi was here, she would be the hottest woman in here and she would know exactly how to make them all want her by showing off her beautiful body. They also added that it seemed Ben was indeed one member who would be thankful just to meet me in person. I was so moved by both their emails that I sent one back to Ben’s friends asking them if they thought I should indeed make Ben’s wishes come true. After a few replies back and forth…Continue Here.

This Pool Boy Gets Me Wet!

Posted Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

This video, which is one that I did for our Playboy TV show, is one that doesn’t show too much hardcore (due to the parameters Playboy TV has), but I thought you guys would like to see it anyway. Please keep in mind when viewing it that Playboy TV Can’t show fluids, so I do apologize for not being able to show the actual cum shot. It all started when I went shopping for Jimmy, he needed a new shirt for the interview segment for our Playboy TV show. I never thought while heading to the mall, that I was actually going to pick-up a guy for the Playboy shoot. You see, while I was in one of the clothing stores in the mall, I noticed this guy checking me out. I didn’t have time to play my regular games, you know where I accidentally drop an item just to have to bend over to show off my pantyless bottom, I had only enough time to pick out a shirt and get back to the house where the Playboy TV Hosts were waiting. So to make things move fastest I asked the guy (named Shaun) if he could model a shirt for me due to him being of the same proportions as my Husband Jim. He was nice enough to grant me the favor of trying on the shirt, which was just the right size and color, so as I looked down at his “Package”… Continue Here.

Shawnny’s Brother A Virgin?

Posted Sunday, December 14th, 2008
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I won’t bore you with the details. I will however tell you that when I got the call from Shawnny (my latest boy toy) my day definitely turned around from boring to very adventurous, sexually adventurous that is! I talked to Shawnny for only ten minutes, but it was long enough for him to tell me he was coming over soon, and that he wanted me dressed in something very sexy. He also asked if my Husband Jim was going to be present. I told him Jimmy was getting home soon from work and that he would in fact probably be there before him. I told him if he wanted me to tell Jimmy not to come home anytime soon, that all I would have to do is call him (Shawnny knows that Jimmy would let me have one-on-one time with my boy toy if asked). Shawnny then told me he actually wanted Jimmy there to video tape the action, he then added I should be thinking younger as he would have a surprise for me when he arrived. As you will see in the video, Shawnny and I had a mix up in our communications. You see, he told me to think young, so I dressed up in a naughty schoolgirl outfit thinking that was what he had in mind. I never would have thought he was actually bringing his younger brother, who just turned 18 a month ago, over to lose his virginity… Continue Here.

Hunny, Yours Is Just Too Small!

Posted Sunday, December 7th, 2008
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You members might like this one a little more than Jimmy. You see, I have been lucky enough to have a boy toy with a significantly larger cock than my Husband Jimmy’s, so I have been rewarding my boy toy with my pussy and neglecting Jimmy from having it. To add to not letting Jimmy use my pussy, I have also been making him sleep in the bedroom alone when it comes to Friday nights. This is when my Boy Toy is able to sleep over, or should I say cum over. I so look forward to these Friday nights when I get to be used by my new Boy Toy and know that my loving Husband is on the other side of the closed door. To add to the sexual pleasure of being with my Boy Toy, I also get a sexual turn-on knowing that my Husband is listening in on the noises that my lover and I are making, whether it be from the bed rocking from the action of me being fucked by a 13′ cock or me being vocal with my orgasms. It also turns me on to know that my husband Jimmy fully understands my thirst for not only younger, but more endowed cock as it makes me feel not only younger myself, but the greater size in cock hits spots inside me that his significantly smaller cock just can’t reach…Continue Here.