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Oral Pleasure On Vacation!

Posted Friday, April 24th, 2009
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I just found this video I took of Jimmy and I on a vacation last Summer, and thought that you would like to see me giving one hell of a blowjob to the lucky recipient… Jimmy! There isn’t much to say about this video except for the fact that Jimmy had no idea I had planned on giving him some oral satisfaction before heading out to the beach. In fact, when Jimmy was in the other room getting changed for the beach, I went ahead and set up the video camera without his knowledge (if you know me, I don’t usually set the camera up myself, it is usually Jimmy that does that), so he was a bit surprised when I told him to sit down on the couch… Continue Here.

Pro-Baseball Player Hits Homerun!

Posted Friday, April 17th, 2009
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It’s not everyday that one gets to be with a Pro-Baseball Player! Now let me tell you how it all came to be: It started with an email I received from somebody claiming to be a professional baseball player. When I actually received this email from a guy saying he was with a professional baseball team, I didn’t take it for real as I often get emails from people saying they are someone they aren’t. This time though, I was intrigued by the photos he sent along with the email. Some of the photos were of him in his baseball uniform, and the other photos were of him in his everyday casual wear. When I showed Jimmy the email, he told me I had to take him for real as it looked legit to him. Jimmy told me he knew who the guy was, not that he ever met him, but that he had seen him on televised baseball games. Jimmy told me I should accept his offer of free tickets to one of his baseball games, so I emailed him back to get the ball rolling. After several emails back and forth, we finally exchanged phone numbers and that was when it really heated up…Continue Here.

Mechanic Makes Barbi’s Motor Purrr!

Posted Friday, April 10th, 2009
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I finally convinced Marty, the mechanic who I picked up upon getting my vehicle serviced, to have a sexual encounter with me on camera. Flirting with him at the service center led me to give him my phone number. I didn’t expect to have my first sexual encounter so soon with him, but that very same evening, he called me and came over, and before I knew it, he fucked me off-camera. I can’t say I didn’t propose to him to have fun on camera, but he declined my proposition. It was fine with me, as I still wanted to have fun with him no matter what. Well, to my surprise on another occasion, Marty had showed up at my home unannounced because he was so horny, and that he would do anything for me to satisfy his hard cock, even if it meant getting our sexual encounter on film… Continue Here.

Flashing In Traffic Induces Orgasm!

Posted Friday, April 3rd, 2009
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This was one fun flashing time I had as after coming into grips with just how bored I was during stop-and-go traffic on the highway. You see, I was the driver as Jimmy sat in the passenger seat. What first started as flashing my tits at Jimmy turned into flashing other guys. Even one hot young chick caught a glimpse of my tits as she did a double take, only to give me a smile and a positive nod with her head. My pussy was so wet from the excitement that I actually played with my pussy intermittently. What really got me excited was to see a guy driving a commercial vehicle next to me catch me in my naughty behavior. He drove alongside me for a while with a huge smile as we alternated back and forth between lanes. Every so often I could see his tongue drool out of his mouth from behind the glass window and that’s when I decided to get off the very next exit and pull into a commuter parking lot… Continue Here.