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Creampied Wife Gets BBC & Cuckold Cum!

I know you are all enjoying the bareback scenes that I have been doing lately… right? I also know that you are all enjoying my pussy getting very wet from all the creampies it has been getting lately… right? Well if you answered yes to either one of these questions, I know you will truly enjoy this week’s video… as it has both! Now to explain the set up for the video, I should start off by saying: I love Vegas! The hotels and nightlife this city has to offer can not be matched anywhere else in the US! Now because of that, it seems that most people in Vegas are there for one reason and one reason only… Naughty Fun! It also explains why a lot of adult performers come to Vegas as well. That is where this Video starts off. I got a call from one of the hottest black pornstars named Danny Blaq, when he found out I was in Vegas! I talked with him on the phone for a while before we made the plans to meet up for some naughty fun of our own. When I say of our own, I mean exactly that… alone, and without any presence of my Cuckold Husband Jimmy. When the time came for Danny to arrive at my room…Continue Here.

The Training Of My New Boy-Toy!

Posted Friday, March 19th, 2010
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The Training Of My New Boy-Toy!

Everyone knows I have a thing for hot young guys, also known as Boy-Toys. But what a lot of you don’t know is that sometimes it may take several sexual rendezvous to make the sexual experience as good as it can get. You see, the problem with these younger guys compared to the older men I have sexual adventures with is that they sometimes don’t have the experience or the knowledge of how to please a woman into sexual ecstasy. Another problem the younger guys have is that they lack the confidence of being great lovers. Take in point Matt here in this video, after one great adventure in the back of my husband’s SUV (see the video posted only a few weeks ago), where he definitely knew what he was doing, we talked on the phone and I found out he really didn’t know what he was doing when it came to orally satisfying a woman. So after several phone calls of me trying to give instruction over the phone…Continue Here.

Sex Can Be More Fun Blindfolded!

Posted Friday, January 15th, 2010

Sex Can Be More Fun Blindfolded!

As anyone who has ever experienced being blindfolded will tell you, the lack of being able to see only enhances the other senses of the body, which in turn makes the adventure of being blindfolded a very pleasurable one! One of the senses that really gets enhanced is the sense of touch. So you can only imagine that when I blindfolded “Doc”, and put my luscious lips around his cock, he immediately started to respond with moans of pleasure and pulsating throbs of his cock, which I could feel within the inside of my mouth. One of the coolest things that can happen when either being blindfolded, or blindfolding someone else, is the surprise of having something really unexpected happen. In this case, it was the addition of a third person to the sexual adventure (my friend Mandy), whom I had waiting in another room, totally undetected by “Doc” as he entered my house and…Continue Here.

Barbi’s Darker Side, Enjoys BBC Too!

Posted Friday, October 30th, 2009

Barbi's Darker Side, Enjoys BBC Too!

With Halloween right around the corner, I decided to dress up and show a more dark side of me. With the addition of some tattoos, a dark haired wig with black and reddish purple hair, dark nail polish, and a very naughty looking lingerie outfit, I think I accomplished the look I was going for. You see, Jimmy and I recently went to a naughty halloween party, where the grand prize was being awarded to the woman with the sexiest costume. As anyone who knows me can vouch, I was seeking to win that prize, and along with it, I was seeking to find some hot guy to sink my teeth into for some naughty fun… not that I bite or anything… hehe! But anyway, getting back to telling you all about this video. Before the party, when I was getting ready, you should have seen my husband Jimmy’s face when I exited the bathroom wearing this outfit with all the trimmings…Continue Here.

Two Sluts Just Having Fun!

Posted Friday, June 12th, 2009
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Two Sluts Just Having Fun!

When Daisy Rock from the UK emailed me and told me she was going to be coming to the USA for a promotional tour, I couldn’t help myself but ask her if she needed a place to stay while on the West Coast. Of course she had already made hotel plans, but after a bit of persuasion on my part, she finally agreed to stay with Jimmy and I in our new house. I know that Jimmy was really excited at the news of having another woman in the house, especially Daisy! When the day came to finally pick Daisy up from the airport, I dressed in one of my skimpy dresses and neglected to wear any underwear underneath. I flashed several guys in the airport, as Jimmy and I tried to make the time pass (it turned out that Daisy’s arrival time was delayed by almost two hours, due to the plane not being able to take off when it was originally planned because of fog at the departing airport). When Daisy’s flight finally arrived at the airport, I couldn’t believe the skimpy dress she had on (it was even shorter than mine, and let me tell you, she had looks from everyone at the airport… good and bad… what an exhibitionist she is!). On the drive home, I caught Jimmy looking at her in the mirror a few times, but I just laughed as I could hardly blame him for looking right at her Pantyless pussy! As soon as we got home, we went right for the bedroom and … Continue Here.

Outdoor Flashing To Indoor Fun!

Posted Friday, May 15th, 2009

Outdoor Flashing To Indoor Fun

As most of you know by now, I love being able to flash outside when the weather finally gets warm enough to allow me to do so. The day I did this video the outdoor temperature had finally reached a point at which I was able to wear a short mini skirt and tight top (of course I had neglected to wear any underwear underneath). In the video you will see that I had a guest with me, you already have seen me naughty with him as he was the cool and sexy store clerk named Dante I seduced a week ago when he delivered a suit I had purchased for Jimmy (see video update dated: 5/08/2009). I guess I should now start at the beginning and let you know how this adventure got started. You see, Dante had called me up and asked if he and I could get together for some naughty fun, after some small talk, I explained to him that Jimmy and I were getting ready to move across country and that I had little time left, he then really begged to see me one last time. He asked why we were moving and I explained that it was due in part to my husband Jimmy getting a job promotion, and my personal reason of wanting to move to a better climate that allowed me to dress in more revealing clothes. Dante knew I liked to be an exhibitionist, so he totally knew that the warmer climate Jimmy and I were moving to would be the perfect spot for a naughty girl like like me. With that said, Dante invited me and Jimmy over to his house which was right on the beach. He explained that the weather was perfect for me to flash, and that before I left the area, I should at least allow him and maybe some other voyeurs to see me in my naughty ways… Continue Here.

Rewarded For Great Customer Service!

Posted Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Rewarded For Great Customer Service

First of all, Jimmy ranked on me about this video with my pudge. We had just eaten a large dinner meal right before Dante came over, and I’m just one of those girls, with my low percent body fat, that looks pregnant right after eating a meal. (he-he) So yes, I was laughing at my pudge too with Jimmy when I saw the video for myself. So anyway, going on, my shopping experience in the men’s store with Karen led to flirting with one of the sales guys, Dante. I couldn’t resist but to have him help me purchase a suit for Jimmy and get alterations done immediately. Well, it turned out that Dante was the man making home deliveries, so when he had called to say that he would be dropping off the suit for Jimmy, I had to put on something sexy for him. Little did he know Jimmy was going to have the camera ready and I would be greeting him in a fitted tube dress. He was so cool with having some naughty fun with me on camera, and I was so looking forward to having his BBC…Continue Here.

Pro-Baseball Player Hits Homerun!

Posted Friday, April 17th, 2009
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It’s not everyday that one gets to be with a Pro-Baseball Player! Now let me tell you how it all came to be: It started with an email I received from somebody claiming to be a professional baseball player. When I actually received this email from a guy saying he was with a professional baseball team, I didn’t take it for real as I often get emails from people saying they are someone they aren’t. This time though, I was intrigued by the photos he sent along with the email. Some of the photos were of him in his baseball uniform, and the other photos were of him in his everyday casual wear. When I showed Jimmy the email, he told me I had to take him for real as it looked legit to him. Jimmy told me he knew who the guy was, not that he ever met him, but that he had seen him on televised baseball games. Jimmy told me I should accept his offer of free tickets to one of his baseball games, so I emailed him back to get the ball rolling. After several emails back and forth, we finally exchanged phone numbers and that was when it really heated up…Continue Here.

Cameraman Turns 3Some Into 4Some!

Posted Friday, February 20th, 2009
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You will love viewing this exciting foursome adventure I recently had. You’ve never seen me pleasuring Jimmy and Shawnny simultaneously because Jimmy is always the one filming me, and it has always been my fantasy to have both of them do me while videotaping it so I could watch the tape whenever I get horny. When Shawnny brought his friend Rich over, I couldn’t help but share my fantasy with them all, hence turning my fantasy into reality with Rich filming my adventure (Rich didn’t want to be on camera or he probably would have turned down the request of being the cameraman). After much sucking on Jimmy and Shawnny’s cock while alternately getting fucked by the two of them, I began to stroke Rich’s hard cock underneath his pants as he filmed. I pulled out his cock and before he realized what I was doing to him… Continue Here.

2 Black Cocks While Husband Is Away!

Posted Friday, February 6th, 2009

Jimmy decided to go out with the guys, and I was a bit jealous, as I didn’t want to stay home and be bored while he was having his fun. After all, I deserve to have some fun too. Therefore, I called up my boy toy Shawnny, but he didn’t pick up, so I left a message. My next boy toy that came to mind was Jay, so I gave him a call as well, but he didn’t pick up either. I thought, gee, I was going to be SOL! Oh well, after not hearing back from either of them for about an hour, I called up my girlfriend Karen to see if she wanted to go shopping with me at the mall. Luckily, she was free and we met up at the mall. After a couple hours of walking around and shopping, she asked me to come over her place to hang out. Once there, I couldn’t believe that Shawnny and Jay both called and Karen was the one who insisted that they both come over. I was ecstatic! Within a half hour, both of them arrived and… Continue Here.