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In the Woods Fuck

Posted Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

In the Woods Fuck

I love the outdoors, well, not the bugs,flies, ants, spiders….What I love about the outdoors is that I can fuck some hot stud right in front of my hubby in the back of our SUV overlooking the mystery of the woods surrounded by the sound of running streams. This adventure was so spontaneous I must admit, and the fact that I was able to act out my slut wife fantasies again was priceless. Riding this guy’s cock in reverse cowgirl made me entirely… Continue Here.

Slut Wife Gets Creampied By BBC & Then Cuckold Hubby!

Posted Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

As I believe you guys enjoy videos more than photos, I wanted to post something that I believe you all will enjoy. As my site name indicates, this video features my very sexy self enjoying yet another BBC! Click on the image below to watch me get creampied By BBC & then cuckold hubby!

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Slut Wife Seduces Car Salesman On Test Drive!

Posted Monday, October 11th, 2010

Click on the image below to watch me seduce a car salesman while on a test drive. I bet this cheered the salesman up from his boring day of selling cars.

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Creampied Wife Gets BBC & Cuckold Cum!

I know you are all enjoying the bareback scenes that I have been doing lately… right? I also know that you are all enjoying my pussy getting very wet from all the creampies it has been getting lately… right? Well if you answered yes to either one of these questions, I know you will truly enjoy this week’s video… as it has both! Now to explain the set up for the video, I should start off by saying: I love Vegas! The hotels and nightlife this city has to offer can not be matched anywhere else in the US! Now because of that, it seems that most people in Vegas are there for one reason and one reason only… Naughty Fun! It also explains why a lot of adult performers come to Vegas as well. That is where this Video starts off. I got a call from one of the hottest black pornstars named Danny Blaq, when he found out I was in Vegas! I talked with him on the phone for a while before we made the plans to meet up for some naughty fun of our own. When I say of our own, I mean exactly that… alone, and without any presence of my Cuckold Husband Jimmy. When the time came for Danny to arrive at my room…Continue Here.

Cuckold Jimmy Watches Me!

Posted Friday, April 16th, 2010

Cuckold Jimmy Watches Me!

Those of you who are into cuckold type videos will love this one. This video was a spontaneous one that actually happened during the Adultcon Show held last week in LA! I will try to give you as much info for the setup as I remember, as this was one of those sexual adventures that almost didn’t get captured on video. Ok, now let me start by saying that the Adultcon show was awesome and I thank all of you who stopped by my booth to say hello. Now to those fans who made comment on how long I was gone from my booth the second day, you will soon see by viewing this video, what took my attention from getting back after saying I was only going to be gone for a short time. This fan, who is also a member of my site, came up to me with his friend (the guy who actually taped this adventure) and started asking if what he saw on the site was real or just pre-arranged sexual adventures. When I asked him if he wanted to see for himself if the videos on my site were indeed spontaneous, he had a puzzled look on his face. I asked him if he would like to accompany my husband and I upstairs to his room…Continue Here.

Naughty Dancing Leads To Ecstasy!

Posted Friday, February 26th, 2010
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Naughty Dancing Leads To Ecstasy!

As I had already stated in my diary, I had the most awesome hotel sex with a hot stud I picked up while dancing in my little short dress. It all started when Jimmy asked me if I wanted to go dancing at a new club that had recently opened. I knew it would be a fun night, especially after doing a cam show that left me wanting more orgasms (for those of you who tuned into this week’s show, you already know how horny I was even after having an incredible orgasm while being watched by you all). When I was getting dressed, I made sure not to incorporate any panties into my wardrobe, as I wanted to be very naughty on the dance floor. When we were finally ready to head to the nightclub, my husband Jimmy wanted to see how naughty I was actually going to be, so I removed my jacket I had on over my mini-dress and by the look on his face, he had already noticed I neglected to wear any panties. With his approval of my outfit, we were off to the club. I teased Jimmy by sitting with my legs opened as we drove to the club. When I reached over to feel his cock, to see if I was being naughty enough, I was pleasantly thrilled by the large bulge he had in his pants. I played, or should I rephrase that and say, teased him all the way to the valet drop off. I started my naughty night off by giving the well-mannered valet attendant (I will say he was well-mannered due to opening my door for me like a gentleman) a glimpse of my bare pussy, as my dress was hiked up when I stepped out of Jimmy’s truck…Continue Here.

Coffee House Makes Hot Erotic Flavor To-Go!

What a great way to start off my week as I got to be naughty today with Deshaun Hayes. We’d been playing phone tag for a while now, but like any horny woman in need of some really nice BBC, I never gave up (I guess you could say the same thing for him, except it was his need for some horny slutwife’s wet pussy)! Later in the afternoon, I met up with him at the coffee shop wearing a very short pink plaid schoolgirl skirt along with my pink sweater and white winter boots (it was cold out, but I know what turns you guys on, so under the short skirt I wore NO PANTIES and under the tight sweater I wore NO BRA!). Like I just mentioned, it was a little chilly out, but the guys didn’t mind seeing my goosebumbps on my legs, as all the men cared about was the fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath… he-he…and Continue Here.

Slut Wife Seduces Husband’s Workmate!

Posted Friday, January 29th, 2010
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Slut Wife Seduces Husband's Workmate!

When Jimmy told me we would have to head over to the airport to pick up one of his workmates, I instantly started to get excited about the possibility of being naughty. You see, the last time I met a couple of Jimmy’s workmates, I had some naughty fun with three of them. So to join Jimmy on his drive over to the airport, I dressed in a nice blue top with a black skirt, and to finish the look, I put on a pair of thigh-highs with no panties to obscure the possibility of flashing my pussy in the car. When we picked Robbie (Jimmy’s workmate) up at the airport, I didn’t know that he had plans on staying at a hotel, and at that it was one of those cheap hotels that I wouldn’t put my worst enemy in. Needless to say, when I heard that, I offered him to stay in one of our spare bedrooms, with plenty of maid service to make his stay a pleasant one. When I looked in the rear view mirror of the car, I saw Jimmy give me that “I know you have something naughty planned smile!” When Robbie said he didn’t want to trouble us with that sort of arrangement, I spoke up and told him it would be no trouble at all, and then in a joking kind of way, I simply stated, “But maybe a little naughty trouble.” I don’t think he knew what kind of naughty slut wife was offering him her spare bedroom, but he did accept the offer, which was…Continue Here.

Very Naughty Interview Lands Job!

Posted Friday, January 1st, 2010
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Very Naughty interview Lands Job!

This video is a little bit different than the ones I usually post on my site. As you will soon see, this one was not video taped by my husband Jimmy and it was in fact a non-spontaneous sexual adventure. You see, I got this idea from a few of you members wanting to see me do a video in an office setting wearing my glasses and office attire. I also had this idea hit me recently when I was actually interviewing for a real job, wearing almost the same kind of outfit (of which I didn’t get the job, but got an idea for this video, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss, right?). When I got home from that interview, I called a friend of mine who is a producer, and asked him if he wouldn’t mind video taping my idea. When he told me we could use his office to shoot the scene…Continue Here.

Friends Exchange Gifts Before Holiday Party

Posted Friday, December 18th, 2009
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Friends Exchange Gifts Before Holiday Party

As with any Holiday Season, there are plenty of parties to attend, and gifts to hand out. This video in which you are about to view was taken right before Jimmy and I attend one of the many parties we had been invited to this year. This party I mention was one put on by good friends of ours and required us to make overnight plans at a hotel due to its location. When I found out that a mutual friend was also invited to the party, we made sure to make hotel reservations at the same hotel, making it easy to have some naughty fun before and after the party. Anyway, before the party and after we had checked into our room, we made our way down to our friend’s room in order to attend the party at the same time (the party was located in one of the banquet halls of the hotel). When we arrived at his room, he was still in the shower, so Jimmy started to play with his video camera while we waited… hence the mischievous posing I do at the beginning of the video. When our friend was finally done with his shower, he entered the room wearing only a towel. It didn’t take too long for the towel to be removed, as he offered his cock to me as my Christmas Present…Continue Here.