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Club Pick-Up Cums Home

Posted Saturday, June 28th, 2008

This video is the result of dressing in slut wear and heading out to a dance club in search of being naughty. Jimmy tells me that when I ever came out of the bedroom wearing this almost totally revealing dress, which I later found out was made of sheer material, he almost came in his pants knowing that we were heading out for a fun night on the town. I knew I wanted to be naughty before we ever left the house, which is why I chose to wear this particular mini dress. When we entered the dance club it was earlier than we thought, which meant there wasn’t as many people as usual. We had no problem finding a place at the bar to sit and have a drink. Jimmy decided he wanted to get me intoxicated to bring out the wilder side in me (all it really takes to get me a little tipsy is two glasses of champagne) so he ordered a bottle of champagne for the two of us. When I was done with my first glass, I spotted two guys looking at me in a very lustful way. They appeared to be single and older than I am usually attracted to, but I got excited knowing they were trying to see if I had worn any panties. I turned my seat more in their direction and gradually uncrossed my legs giving them an unobstructed view of my bare pussy… Continue Here.

Soccer Mom Plays With Coach

Posted Friday, June 20th, 2008
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Well, as many of you already know: I AM A SOCCER MOM! To make that point even more clear, this video shows that not only do I attend the weekend soccer games at the town’s rec fields, but that I assist the coach with all of his pre-game needs. Now let me back up and tell you how this whole soccer mom thing got started. I’m not going to go into much detail on the first time I laid eyes on my son’s soccer coach, but I will say I had an immediate sexual attraction to him in those coach’s shorts he wears to all the practices and games. When a letter went out to all the moms asking for a “Team Soccer Mom” for the planning of after game snacks and such, I had my chance of really flirting with the coach. I found it funny that the coach would actually call the letter “Team Soccer Mom”. The very next practice I went up to the coach to let him know that I would be glad to take on this role of “Soccer Mom”. I then flirted with him by asking him if I could get the official title of Soccer Mom. We both laughed at the double meaning of it and that was when the real flirting began. I told the coach I would be more than happy to assist him any time, pre-game or post game, to massage his muscles as I know that the game of soccer is very strenuous on the muscles. I can tell you this; he was all too excited to accept that offer. But after we laughed for a bit, I told him we should go over to his place so that I could interview for the job and show him all my skills…Continue Here.

Getting Wet In Shower

Posted Saturday, June 14th, 2008
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Talk about an orgasmic shower experience I had the other day!  I was taking an extra shower about an hour and a half prior to going out with a guy on a date.  You see, Jimmy had made arrangements in picking out the perfect guy for me; one whom would take me out and just use me, and then bring me back home as a well used Slut!  I hadn’t even seen a picture of him, so I didn’t know what I was in for.  Jimmy was in charge of everything, including the selection of my outfit for the date.  So while I was taking my shower and feeling horny and anxious about being used later on my date, Jimmy nonchalantly walked into the bathroom with the video camera.  And by the way, I’m ready to smack him for putting this video up on here, as he promised me it was just for his own viewing pleasure.  So anyway, while he was standing there with the video camera, I decided to tease him by lathering up my body and pussy with soap.  I got really excited when Jimmy presented a new glass dildo he had just bought for me while he was out shopping earlier.  Yes, I know, Jimmy actually shopped, as you know it’s always me shopping, but not this time.  I took my new glass dildo and decided to give it a whirl inside my already wet pussy.  I sat down on the seat in my shower and … Continue Here.

Grab Some Lube and Check This Out!

Posted Friday, June 6th, 2008
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I wanted to share with you one of my cool galleries from my off-road modeling I did for a magazine layout. The truck I am modeling with happens to belong to a great friend of mine, so after the magazine shoot, he let me do some erotic photos for the site… I think the other guys with him liked me getting naked too!!

Public Parking Lot Blowjob

Posted Sunday, June 1st, 2008
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Talk about being spontaneous! This video is one that we did on a spur of the moment, seeing how Jimmy needed to be sexually relieved before going to the gym to work out. I guess I can take some blame for that; you see, as we made our way to the gym, I started talking dirty to Jimmy saying I was going to be naughty with my trainer after my workout. I know that gets Jimmy really excited as does it me, but I didn’t think it would get him to the point he would turn into a public parking lot for some naughty relief from his sexual stress. What seemed to be a quiet parking lot was soon found out to be anything but. Jimmy got in the backseat and opened the door to make it easy for me to reach that cock of his with my mouth. I soon started to get his cock wet from my saliva, which made it easy for me to stroke his cock with my hand. I continued to alternate between stroking his cock and sucking it, even as cars were pulling into parking spaces right next to us… Continue Here.