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Domination Trick Leads to Submission Treat

Posted Monday, October 27th, 2008
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Happy Halloween everyone! This video is one that I thought would be great for all those that have asked me to do a bondage scene. With the whole Halloween Trick-or-Treat theme, I decided to dress as a naughty school girl and go trick-or-treating at Eric’s house. Eric is one of those true porn stars that does mostly Domination type stuff. You might remember him from a video we did together not too long ago, or you might have seen him on the big screen starring in one of his many adult movies. Unlike the last video we did together, that was spontaneous, this video was planned almost two weeks ago. I don’t normally do videos like this, planned out or even bondage for that matter, but with the Halloween Holiday, I thought it would be fun to try. I had a great time being dominated as I was shackled to the bench he had… Continue Here.

Creampie In the Great Outdoors

Posted Sunday, October 19th, 2008
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As many of you know, from being members of this site for any length of time, I love being very naughty while taking a chance on men catching me in compromising positions. This video shows just that and let me tell you, there is nothing that turns me on more than knowing that some stranger just viewed my naked body (I guess that’s why I have a website in the first place… right?). Now let me explain how all of this came about: Earlier in the day, Jimmy had asked me if I wanted to go to one of the state parks to walk around and check out the fall foliage. I thought it was a nice idea, so after Jimmy packed up his cameras (which I thought he was only bringing to get pictures of the colorful fall foliage for his photography portfolio) we headed to the park, which also has a river running through it. When we arrived at the park we noticed that there were more cars than normal. It turned out that the fishing season for some kind of fish had just opened (I am not a fisherman, so I have no idea how many seasons they have or why they even have to have seasons for that matter, the way I see it, if fish bites the hook, it is open season… right?) Anyway, getting back to my adventure, Jimmy and I walked a while around the park as he took pictures of natures majestic views. I decided to start with some flirting to get him to focus back to me, not that I was jealous of nature, but that being out in nature brings out this horniness in me that needed to be unleashed. I started by undressing down to just a sweater I had brought with me (check out the photos posted this week and you can see exactly how this sweater leaves nothing to the imagination). Then as Jimmy took the pictures I decided to be even braver and …Continue Here.

Outdoors With Largest BBC Ever!

Posted Sunday, October 12th, 2008

This video originally was supposed to be a blooper’s video for a friend of Jimmy’s who was throwing a blooper’s party. You see, Jimmy and I haven’t played tennis in well over a year, aside to not having played tennis in so long, I was also clearly not dressed to play tennis in a dress. Jimmy and I struggled to film ourselves with the help of our tripod to begin with, but then we knew we had to get better angles. While playing tennis, we had noticed that there was a bystander sitting on the park bench in a distance outside the fenced area. He might have been there to watch a tennis exhibition, or he might have been there as I tried very hard to be the exhibitionist that I am. Well after playing for a little while, Jimmy encouraged me to walk up to the guy and ask him if he could film our hilarious take with effort on the sport… Continue Here.

Coach Gives It To Soccer Mom

Posted Sunday, October 5th, 2008
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After assisting the coach’s pre-game needs in my usual casual clothing (see video entitled: Soccer Mom Plays With Coach), I decided it was time for the coach to give it to me really good in my black sexy lingerie with fishnet stockings. You see, the coach was very much excited to have another sexual adventure with me and to make it even more exciting I had asked him what kind of lingerie really got his cock hard. He told me that he loved a woman in fishnet stockings and black was his color of choice. The very next game, I decided to slip a pair of fishnet stockings into my purse to tease the coach into another sexual rendezvous. After the game I asked the coach over to my car and asked him if he could give me the name of a good athletic store for buying soccer shin guards. This was a blatant attempt to have him see the package of fishnet stockings in my purse as I opened up my purse in front of him for a pen and piece of paper. To further assist in seducing him, I asked him to hold the package of stockings as I tried to search in my purse for a pen. When I handed them to him, I saw his face light up with lustful anticipation. When I found the pen I asked for the stockings back, then I asked him in a very playful way, if they were the right ones. He smiled back and said he would need to see them on me to make that decision… Continue Here.