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Rest Area Exposure

Posted Monday, August 30th, 2010
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Rest Area Exposure

Jimmy and I were travelling for a while and I got a little antsy sitting in the car. I needed to stop at a rest area and stretch my legs, or literally open up my legs, he-he. My horny nature prompted me to flash a bunch of drivers as Jimmy took these shots of me. I got tons of honks by male drivers, which made it even more erotic and…Continue Here.

Climb To The Top

A climb to the top is only half of this adventure. Recently Jimmy and I wanted to see more of what Las Vegas had to offer besides casinos and malls, so we called a company that features adventure trips. When we finally decided on taking a hiking trip out to Mt Charleston, I didn’t realize that the adventure would be so outdoorsy. Don’t start to call me Blonde just yet! You see, I knew there would be hiking and some chance of seeing wild animals, but I didn’t know that my fear of heights would play into the adventure. When you see the photos of me at the top of one of the mountaintops, you will see that I was quite high, and there was a chance of falling, as there was no railing to catch me if I did indeed misstep. What was funny, is the fact that, I asked the adventure guide to take photos of me giving Jimmy head at the top of the mountain and…Continue Here.

Flashback of Flashing!

I had reminisced on this pic of me taken a few years ago at the beach when I flashed at at every opportunity I had to have some stud do a double-take when my tits or pussy had become exposed. The idea of some guy checking me out has always made my pussy wet as ever! I said to myself, “Wow, nothing has ever changed! I’m still the flasher I am, if not more, and the many outdoor adventures I have are all evidenced by my husband’s skill in taking my real amateur photos which are on my website!” Anyway, I enjoy looking back at my naughty pics and realize that hey, my just recent adventure that occurred a few days ago off-camera involved me flashing three hot guys that led to….Continue Here.

What A View!

Posted Friday, December 4th, 2009

What A View!

What a view is all Jimmy and I could say during this recent hiking trip you are about to view part of. The part you will view is not the exhausting, grueling or dangerous part of our hike, but actually the fun and exciting part of it. Anyone who goes to Las Vegas should take a day trip out to see Lake Mead. This picturesque place is one filled with hikes and fun. As with any great open space, it is what you make it, and in this case, Jimmy and I made it orgasmic, not to mention for the other hikers around, voyeuristic! You can see we were caught by several voyeurs in the video (keep a keen lookout in the distance hills for the heads popping up to capture some of our naughtiness) and even had a Park Ranger… Continue Here.