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Serviced By Store Clerk

Posted Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Like any woman, I love shopping! I especially love to shop where customer service is given from very hot looking sales clerks. This last shopping experience you could say I was really treated to some great customer service. You see, Jimmy and I were going by one of our favorite stores when I realized that it would be a great opportunity to run in and get a few things we needed. I remembered Jimmy telling me we were getting low on videotapes for our video camera, not to mention we needed blank DVD’s. We pulled into the store’s parking lot as Jimmy received a phone call on his cell phone. I asked him if he wanted me to wait for him or just go in and get the few things we needed. He told me to just go ahead and that he would be in soon; he also told me to behave myself and not be too naughty. Oh yeah, did I mention I was wearing a very short mini with no panties as well as a sheer tube top without any bra underneath? I was also very horny! Once inside I went immediately to the camera section to get the blank tapes we needed. As I was looking at the different brands, a sales clerk approached me and asked if I needed help with anything. I had noticed he was a good looking guy as he approached, so without even thinking about it, I bent over to reach the tapes on the lower shelf exposing to the sales clerk my bare bottom…Continue Here.

Barbi Has Two Many Tools

Posted Thursday, March 27th, 2008
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First of all I want you all to know that I DID NOT misspell the TWO in the title of this video, I just thought I would try to be clever in the title seeing how in the video I get not just one, but two cocks. With that said, watch what happened when I made Jay an offer he couldn’t refuse. You see, his car broke down and he needed to borrow some tools from my husband Jimmy. When Jimmy told me that Jay was coming over to borrow tools, so that he could fix his broken down car, I thought to myself, Jay can borrow whatever tools he needs from Jimmy, but not before I borrow Jay’s tool! Before Jay arrived, I made sure I changed into an outfit that would better my chances of Jay agreeing to my offer. I think it worked too! As when Jay heard my offer about borrowing my husband’s tools (which now doesn’t sound just right…hehe) before I even got to the end of my offer, he had his hands all over my body… Continue Here.

A Quickie In Florida

Posted Thursday, March 13th, 2008
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My husband Jimmy and I had vacationed in Sunny Florida. You see, we had been lounging around the pool bar, drinking some fruity contraptions made up by a young bartender. I had noticed that there seemed to be mostly men at this bar, as most of their wives or girlfriends were either in the pool themselves or watching their kids in the pool. Some of the guys at the bar were there at the resort on some kind of sporting seminar for coaches. The time spent at the bar turned out to be an erotic one, as many of the men were either glaring at me, or in some cases even flirting with me. Jimmy as you know didn’t mind all the attention I was getting from all these guys. In fact it made him very horny. When I told Jimmy I had to go back to the room to use the bathroom (which is what drinking so many alcoholic drinks does to you, besides makes me very horny), he told me he would accompany me back. Jimmy had other plans once we got back to the room. I too had other plans for going back to the room, and that was to get out of the stretch pants I had on and to go back to the bar wearing nothing but the sweater I had on, which kind of looks like a sweater dress from a distance. I figured that wearing just the sweater would give the impression I was wearing a bikini under it, which in fact I wouldn’t be, and that it would look normal doing so being right next to the pool. I wanted to flirt more with these guys, so I thought making it easier to flash them would be the easiest. So anyway, once Jimmy helped me out of my stretch pants, he had his quickie with me, but left a noticeable creampie inside my wet pussy; furthermore, I hadn’t bothered cleaning up his cum right after before going back to the… Continue Here.

Member’s Birthday Wish

Posted Thursday, March 6th, 2008
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We did this hardcore video just before we left on our vacation. It was inspired by an email I received by a member’s wife. You see, she claimed to have found her husband Mike’s computer on in his office and was pleased to find that he had subscribed to our website. Not the typical response I usually get from a member’s wife who finds her husband spending money on porn, if you know what I mean. Anyway, in her email she stated that he was going to be celebrating his 30th birthday soon and wanted us to dedicate a video to him, by means of me saying his name while being pleasured by my husband… Continue Here.