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Slut Wife Seduces Husband’s Workmate!

Posted Friday, January 29th, 2010

Slut Wife Seduces Husband's Workmate!

When Jimmy told me we would have to head over to the airport to pick up one of his workmates, I instantly started to get excited about the possibility of being naughty. You see, the last time I met a couple of Jimmy’s workmates, I had some naughty fun with three of them. So to join Jimmy on his drive over to the airport, I dressed in a nice blue top with a black skirt, and to finish the look, I put on a pair of thigh-highs with no panties to obscure the possibility of flashing my pussy in the car. When we picked Robbie (Jimmy’s workmate) up at the airport, I didn’t know that he had plans on staying at a hotel, and at that it was one of those cheap hotels that I wouldn’t put my worst enemy in. Needless to say, when I heard that, I offered him to stay in one of our spare bedrooms, with plenty of maid service to make his stay a pleasant one. When I looked in the rear view mirror of the car, I saw Jimmy give me that “I know you have something naughty planned smile!” When Robbie said he didn’t want to trouble us with that sort of arrangement, I spoke up and told him it would be no trouble at all, and then in a joking kind of way, I simply stated, “But maybe a little naughty trouble.” I don’t think he knew what kind of naughty slut wife was offering him her spare bedroom, but he did accept the offer, which was…Continue Here.