Flashing At Lunch Leads To Dessert

January 16, 2009 on 5:13 am | In Blowjob, Slut Wife |

To start, let me just say that it has been extremely cold here on the East Coast, so this little spontaneous adventure sure added some much needed warmth. You see, Jimmy and I were out doing errands, when Jimmy asked me if I wanted to grab some lunch. Being hungry I said yes and then asked him if he had a place in mind. When he ever said “Hooters” (which has the greatest hot wings), I never thought it would lead to having some dessert in the back of our truck. Once inside the restaurant, I have to tell you that I was a bit jealous with all the waitresses running around in their skimpy little shorts and tops, as I was all bundled up due to the temps being in the single digits outside. When I noticed that a couple of guys actually were checking me out, I only wished I too had skimpy clothes on. I had a small top on under my jackets (yes, plural), so I took the jackets off and that was when it really got exciting… or should I say hot ;) One of the cute guys kept looking at me, so I moved my top to the side so that he could clearly see my nipples. In return, he gave me a smile that could clearly be taken as a proposition of something sexual. That was when I asked Jimmy if he wanted to have some fun or if he was just up to having lunch and getting back to our errands. Which do you think he said???? Of Course, Jimmy wanted me to be the naughty slut wife ;) So when the waitress came back I asked her to give the cute guy (Jay) another beer on us…Continue Here.

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