Quickie With Hotel Door Wide Open

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This is one for you voyeur fans. On a recent weekend getaway, Jimmy and I were a little naughty. You see, Jimmy and I had some time to kill before going out for the night, so Jimmy decided to set the video camera up and get me to be a little naughty in front of an open hotel room door. What I didn’t know about our little public exhibition, was that while I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out, Jimmy was on the balcony watching as cars entered the parking lots. What gave him the idea of getting me naked in front of the door was the construction crews that just happened to be arriving at the same hotel in vans. As Jimmy watched them arrive, he noticed that most of the guys would look up at the rooms with lights on. He didn’t tell me that until after I noticed a few guys looking up at me. You will notice that point, as I try to be a little less obvious I’m naked. That is when Jimmy grabs my arms and makes me stand up so that they can receive a better view of my body as Jimmy gives it to me good…Continue Here.

Milf Gets College Cock Again!

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This video is one that any of you who have a thing for MILFS will love. I recently received a phone call from my college boy toy of last year, asking if I could make myself available to his cock sometime before his senior year started. I could never turn Jay down, so we made plans for that weekend. I told him that since Jimmy and I were getting our stuff packed to move out to our West Coast Home for good (long story), that we should get a hotel near the college. This video is one that has two parts: First part, watch Jay and I enjoy each other; the second part, watch as Jimmy gets to use my stretched out used pussy, something he loves more than even fucking my ass! In the end, I was covered in so much CUM, I look like I’d been the center of a bukkake party… Continue Here.

Waiting For Boat, Barbi Shows Off!

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Making this video was a bit of surprise and spontaneity, but nonetheless a fun time. You see, Jimmy and I were suppose to be meeting our friend Chris and a bunch of his friends at a near-by boat launch to go out on his boat. While waiting, which turned out to be longer than we anticipated, Jimmy wanted to get some photos and video of me flashing in public; all of which he did. For the occasion, I wore a mini skirt and sport top with no panties or bra. I knew I was going on a boat ride with a bunch of men and wanted it to be very easy to flash them. This attire I had chosen to wear on the boat made it even easier to flash while waiting for Chris to arrive. While Jimmy and I sat on the boat launch, I sat in a way that made my pussy viewable to Jimmy and a few of the boaters near-by. While doing this, Jimmy noticed an older gentleman walking down the boat launch towards us. Jimmy’s only statement to me was to leave my legs open so that the gentleman would be able to get a nice view of my bare bottom. When the gentleman was nearer, we noticed that he was our next-door neighbor, Leo. We all laughed, as I made sure to keep my legs open to seduce him once again. We made small talk for a while, until Jimmy mentioned we get our things from the truck in anticipation of Chris arriving soon with the boat. When walking towards the truck, I asked Leo if he wanted to have some quick fun of the naughty kind. When Leo accepted my naughty suggestion, we headed for the truck, which seemed the only likely place to be able to partake in our adventure… Continue Here.

Photo Shoot Gets Interrupted

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This video was taken this past week while we were in California due to a family emergency. We don’t get to spend a lot of time at our home in Cali. due to having more family on the East coast than on the West. We also usually rent this house out, as we only bought it for an investment. But anyway, this video was taken when Jimmy was supposed to be taking photos of me on our bed. We haven’t taken many photo sets from this location, so I thought I would take advantage of the different background and do a photo set for you guys. I dressed up in a new lingerie outfit that I thought would look sexy, which I guess was, because after Jimmy only took a few pics, he was attacking me. He started by going down on me, which is always OK with me, as you know I would never object to having my pussy eaten. After Jimmy made me orgasm by using that incredible… Continue Here.

Barbi’s Sleeping Threesome!

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Hi, this is Jim, Barbi’s husband. Barbi asked me to do the intro for this video, which when you watch it, you will see why she couldn’t do it and therefor asked me to. I will start by saying I’m sorry this video was shot in night vision, but due to not wanting to wake my sexy and beautiful wife up, this was necessary. Now let me set this video up for you so that you will have a full understanding of how this threesome came to be. I was working out at the gym with a couple of friends of mine when one of them asked if we wanted to head out for a drink after our work out. Most of the guys agreed immediately, but I told them I would call home first to see if my wife had any plans. When I called Barbi, I told her what the other guys had planned; she then asked me if I too was going out with them. I told her I wanted to see if she had any plans first and that was when she simply said, “The only thing I had planned for tonight was an orgasm or two.” She then told me that as long as I was able to come home early enough to give her that, then I was more than able to have some drinks with my friends. After our workout we all showered and met up at the bar. It was a fun time to be had by everyone, except that there wasn’t any women there sexy enough to look at. That was at least what one of my buddies said before coming out with, “I wish Barbi was here, she is always a nice piece of ass to look at. Sorry to say that Jim, but it’s very true! You’re one lucky man to have that to go home to every night!” I thanked him for his comments and that was when everyone started in with me. The guys begged me to call Barbi and try to get her to come down to the bar. I told them sorry, that she had plans of being home all night and that the only thing on her agenda tonight was a few orgasms of which I should be going to help her out. Needless to say, I had everyone begging to go home with me to help fill Barbi’s request. I called Barbi at home and told her what the guys were saying about her and it seemed to turn her on a lot. She loves it when I tell her what guys say about her. I could tell that she was out of breath and asked her if I was missing anything. She told me I should get home as quick as possible due to her being very tired and horny. She then confessed that as I was telling her about the guys at the bar, she was touching herself and had an orgasm while doing so. I told her I would be home in a bit and that I was going to say goodbye to the guys, before leaving. As many of you know, when you get together with a bunch of friends, it is almost impossible to leave quickly. After I noticed I had been at the bar almost two hours longer than what I had told Barbi, I made for a quick exit. It wasn’t until I was actually heading out the door, that Lex came over to me and asked if he could come along to help with the Barbi issue. I thought about it a while and then thought to myself, that although Barbi didn’t ask for any fun with the guys, maybe if I brought just one of them home with me, she might forgive the fact I was so late. The trouble I found myself in was that when I did get home, with Lex, Barbi was soundly asleep… Continue Here.

Older Man Cums To Teach

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Leo is my new next-door neighbor that I’m sure I will (and probably you will too) get to know a lot better. I have to say that Leo is a perfect gentleman with an accent that drives me absolutely crazy with ecstasy. When I first met Leo it was at a car wash just down the street from my condo. I was wearing a short mini dress and had noticed Leo washing his car as I was vacuuming mine. I tried very hard to flash him whenever I reached into the car pretending to still be vacuuming. When I caught him catching a glimpse of my uncovered bottom (you know I never wear panties), I winked in a very seductive “I want it now” kind of way! I am usually the one who does the teasing, but on this particular day it seemed as if he had the upper hand. I expected as soon as I had winked at him he would be over to start the small talk (which happens any other time I have done this sort of flirting), but the opposite happened and I found myself having to approach him with the small talk. He knew I wanted him to ask me for a sexual adventure, but as with the entire approach, he waited for me to do the asking. I won’t go into much of that adventure, due to not video taping it, but will say it was the start of something totally awesome. Which now brings me to telling you about this latest sexual adventure with Leo. This sexual adventure happened the very next day when Leo had come over with a beautiful arrangement of roses in a glass vase to give to me. I love flowers, and I love men who know that the way to most women’s nectar is by giving them flowers on occasion. After some small talk and Jimmy getting out the video camera, Leo asked if he could teach me how to be more of a naughty slut than I already was. I had worn a short summer dress, but was asked by Leo to put on a sluttier outfit (even after I proved to him I had no panties on underneath). When I came out of the bedroom wearing a sexy leopard lingerie outfit, Leo stated that I was now properly dressed to be a true slut. Leo then asked me to show him how much of a slut I was by sucking on his cock; after several minutes of this, he decided I needed to be brought into the bedroom for proper slut training. Watch as Leo brings me into total orgasmic state with his cock buried in my tight little pussy as he teaches me things only an older experienced gentleman could do…Continue Here.

Left Pool Party Horny & Wet!

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As everyone knows, when you go to a pool party your chances of getting wet are very good. With everyone splashing around the pool, as well as the guys throwing us little women in the pool, it was no doubt I too would be subject to getting wet. I have to tell you how I got extremely wet and it wasn’t from the water in the pool. I did get wet from taking a dip in the pool, but what really got me wet was one of Jimmy’s friends who decided to join me as I lingered by the side of the pool. I of course flirted, not knowing at first this guy was married (guys, what is it with you that makes you married men not wear your wedding bands???) That was until his wife came over to him and asked him, in a not so nice way, if the water had warmed up a bit; since he apparently complained earlier about the water being cold. Anyway, after she left he continued to flirt back, so I decided I would make a bold move and pulled down my bikini bottoms so that he could see my runway leading down to my wet pussy (no pun intended…hehe). He noticed and commented on how he had tried several times to get his own wife to grow a strip just like mine, but that she preferred to keep it nicely shaven. I told him if he wanted to see it up close and personal, all he had to do was ask. He did, and I told him we could go back to Jimmy & I’s condo which was pretty close to where we were. He asked if Jimmy would find out and I had to laugh, of course he is going to know, he loves me to be a very naughty slut wife. Then he tells me when his wife isn’t being a jealous bitch, they too do the slut wife thing. He added that this would be the first time that he was being the naughty one, and that we would have to keep it a secret from his wife as she isn’t into letting him play… selfish bitch. He told everyone at the party that he was going to get something and exited the party (without his wife of course). Jimmy and I had mentioned we were going home to change into dry clothes and that we would be back soon. When we got to the condo, Jimmy made me promise that I would satisfy his cock with my used pussy as soon as Mark (Jimmy’s friend) was done using it! What more could a slut wife ask for? Mark was in such a hurry to fuck me that when he finally got that cock of his inside my wet…Continue Here.

7th Inning Stretch In Dugout

July 7, 2008 on 3:18 pm | In Exhibitionism, Slut Wife | Comments Off

I am probably unlike most women out there, due to my love of baseball! I especially love to watch my husband’s baseball games. I love the fact that all the guys are fit, ok, most of the guys; I love the fact that they sweat and look so damn athletic as they all try and act like they are back in high school. I love the way they talk and cheer for one another; although sometimes when the game isn’t going in their favor they can get pretty down on each other too (that part I don’t like to see, but even that can sometimes get pretty funny with the name calling). Anyway, what I love most of all is the way it brings out the testosterone in the guys. Not only do I get pretty horny looking at these guys (as I try to watch the game, I often let my mind wander and imagine the entire baseball team gangbanging me one player after the other… like that hasn’t happened… hehe) but I think I can honestly say the guys often get pretty horny looking at me in my short shorts or short mini-skirts, which leads me to explaining how this video actually happened. First off let me apologize for the poor video quality, this video was actually shot with a video camera that Jimmy uses to assess the team’s performance (don’t ask, but I will say these guys think they still have what it takes to someday get a phone call from “Steinbrenner” Himself… NOT!!!!!!). We don’t bring our HD Video camera out unless we plan on doing a naughty video, which on this particular day was the last thing we ever thought we would be doing. After the game, which Jimmy’s Team won, Jimmy and I stuck around to clean up. During our cleanup of the dugout, Jimmy told me I should be naked. I told him to watch what he asked for due to me being very horny and wet between the legs. He laughed and that was all it took for me to start undressing. At first Jimmy was afraid someone would come back to the dugout area and catch us doing the naughty, but all that diminished as I pulled down his pants and started sucking on his hard cock. After a short blowjob, Jimmy decided with me being naked already, it was time to give me that hard cock of his in my wanting wet pussy… Continue Here.

Club Pick-Up Cums Home

June 28, 2008 on 10:47 pm | In Exhibitionism, Flashing, Interracial, Slut Wife | No Comments

This video is the result of dressing in slut wear and heading out to a dance club in search of being naughty. Jimmy tells me that when I ever came out of the bedroom wearing this almost totally revealing dress, which I later found out was made of sheer material, he almost came in his pants knowing that we were heading out for a fun night on the town. I knew I wanted to be naughty before we ever left the house, which is why I chose to wear this particular mini dress. When we entered the dance club it was earlier than we thought, which meant there wasn’t as many people as usual. We had no problem finding a place at the bar to sit and have a drink. Jimmy decided he wanted to get me intoxicated to bring out the wilder side in me (all it really takes to get me a little tipsy is two glasses of champagne) so he ordered a bottle of champagne for the two of us. When I was done with my first glass, I spotted two guys looking at me in a very lustful way. They appeared to be single and older than I am usually attracted to, but I got excited knowing they were trying to see if I had worn any panties. I turned my seat more in their direction and gradually uncrossed my legs giving them an unobstructed view of my bare pussy. I gave them a few minutes to notice and admire the free view I was innocently providing them, before I turned to look at them, catching them in their glances as I smiled at them in a flirty way. They smiled back and then approached Jimmy and I. They made small talk with us, all the time looking down at my tits and pussy, before one of them asked me to dance (don’t even ask me for his name because I don’t remember). I accepted the offer and walked with him to the dance floor that now had a ton of people on it. I don’t know what the other guy said to Jimmy or if Jimmy told him to join us, but after the first song, the other gentleman joined his friend and I on the dance floor. It was hot dancing with the two of them as my dress rode up exposing my pussy to anyone who wanted to look, not to mention my tits kept on popping out of the top of the mini-dress. I had several times looked over at Jimmy and noticed he was truly getting off by my “SLUT WIFE ACTIONS” (he loves it when I expose my self like I was on that dance floor). I danced with these two guys for several songs, allowing them to feel my pussy and tits as I dirty danced with each of them, until I noticed a Black guy looking at me as if he was fucking me right there on the dance floor. WOW! Talk about HOT!!!!!!!! I motioned for him to come closer and dance with me. He came right over and I turned my full attention on him, leaving the other guys to feel left out which led to them exiting the dance floor. I danced the same way with this guy, whose name turned out to be Pete, allowing him too to feel me all over. He went a little farther than the other two guys, and before I knew it he was sticking his fingers in…Continue Here.

Soccer Mom Plays With Coach

June 20, 2008 on 11:22 pm | In Slut Wife | No Comments

Well, as many of you already know: I AM A SOCCER MOM! To make that point even more clear, this video shows that not only do I attend the weekend soccer games at the town’s rec fields, but that I assist the coach with all of his pre-game needs. Now let me back up and tell you how this whole soccer mom thing got started. I’m not going to go into much detail on the first time I laid eyes on my son’s soccer coach, but I will say I had an immediate sexual attraction to him in those coach’s shorts he wears to all the practices and games. When a letter went out to all the moms asking for a “Team Soccer Mom” for the planning of after game snacks and such, I had my chance of really flirting with the coach. I found it funny that the coach would actually call the letter “Team Soccer Mom”. The very next practice I went up to the coach to let him know that I would be glad to take on this role of “Soccer Mom”. I then flirted with him by asking him if I could get the official title of Soccer Mom. We both laughed at the double meaning of it and that was when the real flirting began. I told the coach I would be more than happy to assist him any time, pre-game or post game, to massage his muscles as I know that the game of soccer is very strenuous on the muscles. I can tell you this; he was all too excited to accept that offer. But after we laughed for a bit, I told him we should go over to his place so that I could interview for the job and show him all my skills…Continue Here.

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