Whore’s Night Out Starts At Home!

March 20, 2009 on 4:58 pm | In Creampie |

This video was Jimmy’s idea. I was not even in the mood to do this video, as I had other plans of going out with my best friend Karen. I thought that when Jimmy started to video tape me in my pink dress it was only going to be a teaser type of video for his own enjoyment while Karen and I had fun out at the dance club. I guess I was wrong about that! When Jimmy asked me to model my dress he told me that he only wanted to take a little video of me in it as members of the site had asked us to post such a type of video (one that shows me in various clubbing outfits, you know the type that ride up on my ass or ones that are easy to flash in). This dress is a little long, but it does have a flimsiness to it that often lets it ride up as I sit. This dress also shows off plenty of cleavage and is even a little hard at times to stay in, if you know what I mean. This is one of my best dresses for one night stands as it is very easy to get off and then back on after the fun. Anyway getting back to this video, I had already done my makeup and was actually on my way out the door when Jimmy told me to model real quick. I though to myself, why not, the last time I went out with Karen I didn’t come home until the next day. Talk about a fun time, and yes, I was very much hoping that would happen again this time (but don’t tell Jimmy, as I know he didn’t want me to stay out that long ever again. You know he likes his sloppy seconds, and it kills him sexually, in a good way that is, with the images of his slut wife being naughty for that length of time). So with me teasing the camera, or should I say teasing him, Jimmy had an idea of fucking me with the camera rolling… Continue Here.

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