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Search For New Boy-Toy Ends Successful!

Posted Friday, March 5th, 2010

Search For New Boy-Toy Ends Successful

Anyone who has taken a family vacation, especially with a sex drive like mine, can attest to the fact that as soon as that family vacation is over, you need to satisfy a feeding sexual hunger that can only be satisfied with lots… and I mean lots… of spontaneous sex! This time that meant taking my husband Jimmy to the mall, so I could hunt out a new boy-toy. Some may ask why bring Jimmy along, as it would probably be easier to find some hot guy to have a quickie with out him present, but the real reason I brought him along was as a precautionary backup. You see, if I was unsuccessful at finding some lucky guy to indulge my sexual desire, I would need to satisfy the ever increasing sexual urges burning within me (why couldn’t “Willy Wonka” from the “Chocolate Company” make an everlasting sexual stimulant like he made the “Everlasting Gobstopper!”) by using my husband in a public space (like the parking lot of the mall). Anyway, as you will see I was indeed successful at boy-toy hunting and I even got to have my way with him out in public…Continue Here.