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Toys I have tried out personally:

I know that with all the different types of toys out there, there are some that work great and get the job done asap, and some that don't work at all, leaving you with the old standby of a few fingers. The toys I am selling on here have all been personally tested and used by me. I can either sell you one that I personally have tried out and used, or sell you a brand new one that is still in the box, the choice is up to you! I will only promote the ones I see are worthy to promote, which means that, if it doesn't stand up to the "Barbi Orgasmic Test" then it won't make it onto this page. Love,

Definition of "Barbi Orgasmic Test" \bar-be or-gaz-mik test\ n: An inanimate object that stimulates the clitoris to an uncontrollable urge of orgasmic state of mind, sometimes causing unconsciousness which is only relieved by the removal of such object from the pelvic area! (see mind blowing orgasm for more info on "Barbi Orgasmic Test")

My Toy section is coming soon!

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