Testimonial 1:

Dear Barbi,
Just a note to say thanks very much for giving what you advertise, unlike so many other webgirls. You promise an exhibitionist, flashing, slutty hot wife and you certainly deliver in spades. The photos are great, the stories are fantastic and the videos are the best available anywhere. love your commentary and introductions and story-lines for the videos, they make them much more erotic. If your website was bad, it would have been worth it for your stunning beauty, but your website is a home run. Thanks once more. You are fantastic. Look forward to seeing you in your live shows.
Alvin - new member

Testimonial 2:

Barbi and James...

WOW what a site. Barbi - you are HOT with a capital H-O-T!

Like most guys, I spend the odd hour or two surfing the internet porn sites (well maybe more than we care to admit) and ever since I was in college I've had a thing for sharing - big hearted guy I guess, so I tend to gravitate to the "slut wife" sites, it's just so taboo and very hot. I've always preferred "guy on girl" action but never really found anything super hot until I stumbled across your site last week. I thought I'd sign up and see what you guys were up to and boy what a treat!

Most of the amateur wives are into role playing which is fun but you guys have taken the next step, WOW. I've never been much into humiliation one way or the other and what I really like about your site is that you both seem to be having fun with it. Watching a wife with another guy is a huge turn on, especially if he's hot and she's obviously into it.

I love all your videos, but what makes them special is that they are all different and both your personalities seem to shine through - that may sound corny and don't get me wrong, Barbi you are smokin' hot to look at but it just wouldn't be the same without the kissing, seduction and running verbal commentary during it all. If you guys are not talking it up (yep you too Jim) it just seems mechanical! .... like that time in the hotel room with Vincent and he's talking about inviting his friends along next time... OMG

The video that really stopped me in my tracks though was the "car chase" scene with Tommy. That is now number 1 in my all time list of favourite car chase scenes ever! (sorry - Canadian, so there has to be a "you" in "favourite", especially if that "you" is Barbi) Bruce Willis step aside please! The nice thing was that no vehicles were damaged in the making of the video - Barbi, you even insisted on using your seat belt - good girl! (yeah, I know Jim, it would be hotter if she wasn't wearing it) - but anyway, and no terrific explosions either, well maybe at the end but only in a good way if you know what I mean! I was just gaga watching it (again, it wouldn't have been nearly as hot if you hadn't kept in the convesation as Tommy was leaning in your window in the parking lot). And by the way Jim, nice camera work in very tight spaces from the back seat!

Anyway I digress, I've never written in to anyone before but I just had to write to you guys. I've checked out a number of other online wives but always keep saying to myself, nope Barbi is number 1. I'm glad I signed up for 3 months, and I'll be sticking around afterwards...

Love Chris
Vancouver, Canada

Testimonial 3:

Hi Barbi,

This is member Dan from MO and I just wanted to say your recent interracial work has been intensely erotic and my Wife (Jessica) and I have enjoyed it greatly. We watched the latest gangbang together and my Wife grabbed her vibrator and pretended to be you as she watched and really got a rush out of it. We absolutely love all the work you do but especially want to request you keep the interracial (and us lol) cumming!


Testimonial 4:

Monica's Reviews Site

This is an amateur site featuring a real life couple, with high resolution photos and videos! Taking a look at the pictures, the first thing I notice is that for an amateur site, the pictures are very good quality! Also very well taken. Most times when I think of amateur, I think of lower quality. I also think of (and I hate to say this) less attractive models. That's definitely NOT the case with this site! Barbi is mom, but is a total babe with long blonde hair and a hot body. She kind of reminds me of a (very slightly) older version of Tara Reid. There is a pretty good photo archive, and looking at some of the galleries, there's a variety in the content. The video content absolutely sold me on this site. It's high quality, super hot hardcore action. There's group sex, flashing and other hot hardcore. The videos are in WMV & Ipod format, and are available to download in either high or low resolutions. Another plus is that most of the videos were a good length! It's so often that a full length video is only 5-8 minutes long. One of the videos I downloaded was nearly a half hour!

The Rating: 9/10

To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much going in to this site. But the content is insanely hot amateur porn, and there's a good amount of updating with about 2 photo sets and 1 video per week. Definitely worth the membership price.

Testimonial 5:

Ms. Bitch Review Site

Barbi is a MILF, big time. She?s blonde with blue eyes, she has beautiful boobs and an awesome curvy body.

In the photo section, you?ll find photo sets from 2007, 2006, and a few from earlier than that. You?ll find photos of Barbi in lingerie, with her husband, with other men, posing, fucking, masturbating and generally being naughty and slutty. Image quality is high for amateur with decently large images.

In the Videos section, you?ll find vids from 2007 and 2006. Each one has a link for a high or low connection and are offered in .WMV and Ipod formats. The videos will stream into your Windows Media Player, and a twenty minute video buffered in seconds and started to play. I chose to view the low quality video, and found that it was quite large and good quality. There are videos here of Barbi in threesomes, interracial, getting double penetration, anal sex, flashing outside, masturbating, girl/girl, and enjoying her slutty exhibitionist self in front of the camera.

There is a large collection of erotic stories here, and what?s super cool about them is that they are written by Barbi and her husband Jim.

The WOW Factor and Bonuses

It?s really cool to see a real swinging couple, especially where the husband is involved in some of the videos too instead of just behind the camera. Barbi is really hot, and I was impressed to find on the videos that she?s quite comfortable, relaxed, happy, and well spoken.

The ?My Friends? section has bonus photo sets and videos from other models like Naughty Allie, Hot Wife Rio, and others.

The Rating: 10/10

This is a really awesome swingers site, with a real life wife (a hot MILF!) who loves to fuck around!

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