The day started out innocently enough; I was getting dressed for a seminar I needed to attend for work, (yes, I do have another job besides running this site!) by putting on what I thought was a classy but stylish outfit. The only thing was, I had chosen not to wear any panties or bra under the classy outfit. In the light that was provided by the bedroom and bathroom lights, I had no idea that the white material of my pants would allow others to view what was underneath. Later, Jimmy told me that when I was leaving in the morning, he had a clear shot of my landing strip and ass as I walked towards the car in the morning light. (It's nice to know that he is a secure man to let me leave like I did and not say anything about it, even if I didn't dress that way on purpose.) To tell you the truth, I had no plans on being as naughty as I turned out to be around others I work with on a daily basis. I did notice I got admiring looks from a lot of men, but assumed it was for the stylish way I was dressed, not that they were looking at me as if I was naked. Towards the end of the seminar I needed to make a phone call, so I exited the assembly room as not to bother anyone with my conversation. It was then that one of the brave servers came over to me and asked if he could ask me a question. I told him he could ask me anything, in a flirting way (you know me) and he continued to ask me if I knew my pants were sheer enough to noticeably show I wasn't wearing any panties. I asked him if he knew that for sure and quickly enough, he asked if I was. I told him only one way he was going to find out, and that was to feel for himself. I noticed a corner where we could go and be a little less out in the open, so I grabbed his hand and he followed me. I then took his hand, as he seemed to be a bit nervous, and glided it down towards my waiting pussy. "WOW!" Is all he said. Then after he played with my pussy for a bit, he told me that a lot of the other waiters had noticed me too, continued in Member's Area!!