This video originally was supposed to be a blooper’s video for a friend of Jimmy’s who was throwing a blooper’s party. You see, Jimmy and I haven’t played tennis in well over a year, aside to not having played tennis in so long, I was also clearly not dressed to play tennis in a dress. Jimmy and I struggled to film ourselves with the help of our tripod to begin with, but then we knew we had to get better angles. While playing tennis, we had noticed that there was a bystander sitting on the park bench in a distance outside the fenced area. He might have been there to watch a tennis exhibition, or he might have been there as I tried very hard to be the exhibitionist that I am. Well after playing for a little while, Jimmy encouraged me to walk up to the guy and ask him if he could film our hilarious take with effort on the sport. So I did just that and the guy, Shawnny, had no problem with it. He seemed like a really cool guy, and hot, for that matter. Upon filming Jimmy and I on the tennis court, I had no idea that Shawnny zoomed in on my ass as my dress conveniently moved up as I played and bent over to get the tennis balls. Yes I did try to flash him as much as I could, but what I didn’t know was how much I was turning him on as I did. For that matter I wouldn’t know any of that until Jimmy and I were watching the video for the first time. He had made numerous verbal comments on the video that even made me blush as I listened to them. I guess he’s a verbal guy, and I love guys who are vocal. After we got enough blooper-playing moments on film with Shawnny’s help, I didn’t think things would turn into a sexual outdoor adventure like it did. Let’s just say that his BBC is the largest one I’ve ever taken: thirteen inches of it! I was able to suck on his BBC, ride it, and get fucked by it in various positions. Due to the park rangers making their way around the park, we were distracted and had to relocate to another area of the park. The part I wish Jimmy got on film was when Shawnny gave me a double orgasm when he fingered my pussy while we were on the bench. Jimmy unfortunately had stopped rolling the film at that point due to a park ranger coming near to where we were. But the rest, as you will see, is me enjoying my spontaneous outdoor adventure with a thirteen inch cock belonging to a bystander who happened to be at the right place at the right time.